CoC: Season 2 performance writeup

Supreme Cream Performance – Season 2 (Text and stats by Delpez)

This season flew by – only two derpy clans and ten proper wars. I don’t know if the matchmaker is improving, but really bad mismatches are becoming far less common. Here’s a link to the final performance file for Season 2 (for best viewing you need to open it as an Excel file):

An explanation of the metrics again (from a previous post):

Wars: The number of wars a player participated in.

Attacked: Was the player attacked or not? This is a yes/no trigger (1 or 0).

Bleeds: How many times a player was attacked over and above the first. So if you are attacked three times in a war, you score two bleeds. This is an indication of how many attacks were wasted on your base.

Holds: How many stars did the player manage to hold onto – if your base was 2-starred at the end of a war you score one hold. If you were not attacked you don’t get any holds, but you’re also not penalized in the normalized numbers.

Overall Closer: The first player to score the highest number of stars against a base will get the closer stars for that base. For example, if player A scores a 2-star and later in the war player B scores a 3-star, B will get three closer stars and A none. However, if B also scored a 2-star, A will get two closer stars (he was first) and B none. Overall Closer just means that all attacks are considered, whether the player attacked up, down or sideways.

Overall All Stars: This just adds all the stars a player scored – doesn’t matter if it’s closer, up, down or sideways.

Overall 3 Stars: The total number of 3-stars achieved, irrespective of up, down or sideways.

>= Same Level Closer, All Stars and 3-stars: This tracks exactly the same metrics as before, but you don’t get credit for attacking down.

Attack Down: Tracks the number of times a player attacked bases below his TH level.

MIA: Missing in action – the number of attacks a player has missed.

These numbers are then normalized by using the attacked trigger (for defensive stats) and war participation (for offensive stats).

So let’s have a look at our best performers in each category for Season 2. Note that you had to participate in at least five wars to be considered.


TH8 Bleeds

Caldazar 3.1
RogerRabbit 2.3
MattyC 2.2
Nate Werdy 2.1
Jenks 1.7
Redshirt 1.6
Ellroy 1.3
Alistair 1.2
Zelazny 1.1

These are all the TH8’s who achieved more than one bleed per war – in other words, are attacked at least twice per war. Caldazar is way ahead, showing that his performance from Season 1 was no fluke. It’s actually amazing how opponents struggle with his base – sometimes even TH9’s trying to clean up.

TH9 Bleeds

Kryss 0.9
Malcolm Renolds 0.7
Vorash 0.6
Lui Klea 0.6
SOBGrunt 0.5
Mikrakov 0.5

This list shows all the TH9’s with more than 0.5 bleeds per war. TH8’s score more bleeds than TH9’s, because TH8 bases are usually attacked until a 3-star is achieved, while TH9 bases are usually attacked only once (unless that attack was a failure). For that reason I disregarded players who leveled from TH8 to TH9 relatively late in the season – the difference in bleeds is large and it messes with the numbers.

Kryss retained his crown from Season 1, and he also outperformed the other TH9’s by a significant margin. Malcolm Renolds was also second in this category last time around.


TH8 Holds

Siouxsie.Q 0.63
RogerRabbit 0.60
Sunette29 0.60
Ellroy 0.50

These are the TH8’s with more than 0.5 holds per war (gets 2-starred every second war). RogerRabbit was replaced at the top by Siouxsie for Season 2. Interesting to note that the best TH8 Hold numbers are almost double from Season 1 – clans are leaving more stars behind against our TH8’s. Roger and Ellroy feature on both the Bleed and Hold lists, meaning they are attacked a lot and still manage to retain stars.

TH9 Holds

Kryss 1.0
Mikrakov 1.0
NatoGhost 1.0
JHO 1.0
Malcolm Renolds 0.9
Delpez13 0.9
Jonneh 0.9
Ranez 0.9

These are the players with 0.9 or more holds per war. Not only did Kryss win the Bleed category, he’s also joint winner of the Hold section. Malcolm Renolds and Mikrakov are the only others who feature on both the Hold and Bleed lists.


TH8 Total Closer

Zelazny 3.43
Caldazar 3.30
Ellroy 3.25
MattyC 3.00
RogerRabbit 2.70
Sunette29 2.70
Claud 2.70
Jon 2.50

These are the players with more than 2.5 Closer stars per war. Zelazny takes the crown from Caldazar this time around. These days we 3-star all our opponent’s TH8 bases, meaning that you basically have to get 3-stars to get closer stars. If you 2-star a base, someone else will just come along and 3-star it for the closer stars.

At TH9 players are separated by the newer bases (often TH8.5) and the veterans. I’ve found that the attacking down statistic is useful for separating the two groups – currently the cut-off is at 10% attacks against lower level bases.

Rookie TH9 Total Closer

Malcolm 3.9
Vorash 3.7
Sleepy_Sam 3.5
Lui Klea 3.3
Saate 2.9
Ranez 2.7

This shows newer TH9’s with more than 2.7 closer stars. If you do not follow the TH8.5 route you will most probably not feature in this group. In any case, well done Malcolm!

Veteran TH9 Total Closer

Delpez13 3.8
Kryss 3.6
Malcolm Renolds 3.3
Jonneh 3.3
JHO 3.0
Josch2k 2.9
Mikrakov 2.8

Players with more than 2.8 closer stars. Not only did Kryss dominate the TH9 defense numbers, he also ranks very high on offense – my vote for our TH9 MVP!


TH8 Same Level Stars/Attack

Ellroy 2.31
Zelazny 2.29
Caldazar 2.28
Sunette29 2.25
RogerRabbit 2.15
Claud 2.11
Alistair 2.10
MattyC 2.06

The players with an average of more than 2 against TH8 bases. The same three players also topped the Closer table, but this time around Ellroy takes the honors. As was stated during Season 1, you should be able to average at least 2 stars against other TH8 bases, or TH9 will be really tough.

TH9 Same Level Stars/Attack

Vorash 2.10
Delpez13 2.10
Sleepy_Sam 2.07
Josch2k 2.06
Kryss 2.05
Jonneh 2.05

Players who average more than 2 stars against TH9 opponents – the list is growing: for season 1 there were only 4 names on it.


A comparison of the important numbers between Seasons 1 and 2. First up the TH8’s:

TH8 Benchmark

Season 1 Season 2
Bleeds per War 1.54 1.37
Holds per War 0.24 0.33
Closer per War 2.15 2.33
Ave Stars against TH8 per Attack 1.80 1.90
Ave 3-stars against TH8 per Attack 0.32 0.37

From the bleeds and holds our TH8’s are attacked less in Season 2 than Season 1, but are holding onto more stars. This might just be a function of less TH8 bases as more players level to TH9. However, our TH8’s also performed better on offence – scoring more closer stars in general, as well as more stars and 3-stars against other TH8 bases. The 3-star number is particularly important, because 2-stars at TH8 is not worth much – someone else will clean up the base. From Season 1 to Season 2 we have improved from a 3-star every 3.1 attacks to one every 2.7 attacks.

The TH9 comparison with Season 1 looks as follows:

TH9 Benchmark

Season 1 Season 2
Bleeds per War 0.53 0.40
Holds per War 0.61 0.64
Closer per War 2.78 2.61
Ave Stars against TH9 per Attack 1.54 1.65
Ave 3-stars against TH9 per Attack 0.12 0.17

Also fewer bleeds and slightly more holds. Together with the TH8 stats it means that clans are scoring less stars against us. Closer stars per war is lower than Season 1, which is probably a result of the improvement in the TH8 offensive numbers – our TH9’s had to clean up less and thus scored less closer stars. There was a big improvement in both the average stars against TH9 bases, as well as the number of 3-stars scored against TH9 bases. The latter went from a 3-star every 8.3 attacks to one every 5.9 attacks.

It is important to note that although we did better offensively in Season 2, it does not necessarily mean that we are getting better. More wars are needed to conclude whether we are improving as a clan, although the trend is definitely in the right direction!

And that’s it for Season 2! Well done if your name appears on these lists. Please follow the link to compare your performance against the top players at your TH level, and let’s try and improve some more in Season 3.

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  1. SynCaine says:

    Suggestion: Start tracking when one of our bases gets 3-starred. I think there is major value in bleeds and holds, but I think ultimately if a base get’s three-starred (especially TH9 in our current TH levels), that’s notable and should be a trigger to change or at least make adjustments.

    • Delpez says:

      Doesn’t Holds track basically the same thing? In proper wars, very few bases are one starred – you are either 2-starred or 3-starred. Meaning that Holds are the number of times your base has not been 3-starred. What it does not track is the level of the base that attacked you – it would requite some programming to build that in, but not too much. Will see if I can figure out something once I have some free time.

  2. Caldazar says:

    it also depends on who 3stars you, it would be valuable to track who can avoid being 3 starred by equal TH level. In the end against a moderately capable attacker, if the attacker has higher TH its a lost cause. That statistic would help more to check the strength of base design, although its quite a bit of effort to gather

  3. pkudude99 says:

    Hey wow, I made the closer list!

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