Update on CoC, CR, and BB. HS is dead

Quick update on the mobile gaming front.

We have one open spot in both Clash Royale and Boom Beach, along with two spots in Clash of Clans. Search for “Supreme Cream!” to find us, and state you are a blog reader when applying. Any level can apply in all games, though if you are heavily rushed in CoC, you might not make the cut in all wars until you get caught up. Also if you are reading this and have stopped playing, please remove yourself to make room for others. Also apologies to those who have pinged me on Steam about joining, it’s tough to keep it all straight when a spot does open up.

As for the games themselves, I feel each is in a good spot right now, with all three being entertaining in different ways, and each requiring a different level of commitment.

Boom Beach is by far the most casual, as even the group-based Operations that we run aren’t a huge time sink or heavy skill/strategy requirement. Progression is also very easy/casual. If you are looking to dip your toe into mobile gaming, or want a low-effort side game, I’d recommend BB.

Clash Royale is the middle child, only because while the direct-PvP aspect makes it more skill based and anything outside of clan wars in CoC, progression (getting more cards) is still easy as even a poor player winning 40% of their games will get chests and can open their daily free ones. It’s certainly a fun game IMO, but it also being the newest of the bunch means it’s not nearly as feature-rich as BB or CoC. I am looking forward to more of our clan hitting the tourney-max (level 8/6/3/1 for commons/rares/epics/legend) so we can get a proper in-house tournament going!

Finally, Clash of Clans is, IMO (well, my opinion and that of the rest of the world, really), the top dog. It’s not just the best mobile game out, I fully believe it’s easily a top 5 game period. Insane depth, flawless execution, frequent updates, and a good balance of ‘easily’ gameplay (farming) with a very hardcore skill-based aspect (clan wars). If you are like me and find yourself transitioning more into a mobile gamer than strictly a core PC player, and really want to sink your teeth into something, you can’t do any better than CoC. Just be aware that this is a long-haul game; I’m 2+ years of playing it daily and have at least another year to ‘max out’ (assuming the current max stays in place, which it won’t). Not to say this is one of those ‘real game is at max’ situations, but yea, the progression path in CoC is a long one.

I’ve completely stopped playing Hearthstone, as the utter boredom of playing the occasional match in that abortion of a mobile game just to watch how poorly Blizzard managed it just wasn’t worth it anymore. I held out as long as I could for comedic purposes via blog content, but the game finally beat me down with sheer awfulness.

I’ve also stopped playing Dungeon Boss. While a decent game, it simply lacks the long-term appeal or design of the three games I am playing, while the constant updates of more new units to collect was becoming far too much of a grind rather than something fun to chase after.

Overall, I really am only playing the three games from SuperCell, and no longer check the app store for new titles to waste a few hours with. In a somewhat ironic twist, the ‘pick up and play for a bit’ space that mobile gaming is (was?) known for has been replaced by my PC and Steam. I dabble in a lot of titles thanks to Steam and Early Access, while it’s becoming increasingly rare that I spend 100+ hours on any one game (Fallout 4 being the latest, but we all know that game sucks).



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8 Responses to Update on CoC, CR, and BB. HS is dead

  1. Heh, I have a post queued up for Thursday that seems just that much more amusing due to a line in this post. You’ll see.

  2. carson63000 says:

    Hearthstone is definitely a fantastic game if even someone who hates it as much as you do can’t stop playing it “for comedic purposes” for many, many months before finally quitting.

  3. Ralex says:

    The thing I like about all 3 games (vs. MMOs) is that any group play is asynchronous.

    Living in the Pacific Time zone, scheduled multi-hour group commitments on what was almost always Eastern time became difficult to do once kids arrived.

    The mobile games aren’t a real replacement for MMOs by any means, but it’s all I could do with a group atm.

  4. dynaform says:

    I will give hearthstone one more chance with standard mode. It really is removing a great deal of the ridiculous cards and nerfing some others. If cancer like secret paladin is still running around I’ll be done as well.

    I currently just do my quests in casual and auto concede to paladin. It keeps me from tilting and you see fun decks

  5. NatoGhost says:

    Let me know if you have a spot in Clash Royale. It’s full right now. Hope you guys are still doing well in CoC.

  6. Great to hear that strong gameplay hooks and social ties mean that you’re still playing EvE and Darkfall, not trendy mobile games with micro-transactions.

    Oh wait…

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