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Vanilla WoW today would have more subs than current WoW

All the recent talk of vanilla WoW is right in my wheelhouse, and not just because its yet another feather in my giant cap of “things SynCaine was right about long before everyone else caught up”, but also because you … Continue reading

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The beatings shall continue

Ho hum, another major GotY aware goes to Fallout 4. Let’s all pretend to be surprised…

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Zombasite is a deep indie ARPG

Full disclosure: I was contacted by the devs of Zombasite and sent a free Steam key. This write-up is based on about 4 hours with the game. Zombasite is a Diablo-like game with some interesting and often confusing systems layers … Continue reading

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Dragon’s Dogma has me confused

Dragon’s Dogma has me in a mental pretzel right now in terms of loving/hating it. Well, I’m still actively playing it, so I do like it overall, but it does so many things infuriatingly bad while at the same time … Continue reading

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CR: Lets talk about my not-so-super chest

Super Magical Chests (impossibly dumb name) in Clash Royale are handed out randomly whenever you earn a loot chest, with a drop rate of 1/1000. The rest of the chests are on a set rotation. The Super chest isn’t just … Continue reading

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