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I’ve been playing a surprising amount of Fallout Shelter on my PC. Playing a mobile game, especially one built around timers and playing in spurts on the PC is pretty interesting. On the one hand, there is still some waiting, and lots of stuff has timers in the hours if not days. On the other hand, because of all the updates, there is a LOT of stuff to do, so even though you are just clicking a few times here and there, you do keep busy. Plus the new mission locations look/feel much better on the PC IMO.

And right as I’m managing my vault in Shelter, out comes the vault DLC for Fallout 4. I was going to hold off on F4 until I got my new graphics card, but nope, here I go again playing it. Right now I’m going to do the Far Harbor content, as I have a level 15 character that has done a bit of the original content but still has lots to do. I originally loaded up a level 30 character that had completed most of the game, but at that power level and completeness I wasn’t really feeling pushing further, if that makes sense.

On the EVE Online front, the Goons are moving, but I made things easy for myself and just sold everything I had in Saranen besides one Interceptor, and am now waiting for our final staging system to be called. The only negative to that is I’m currently missing the ‘fun’ of the move Op, which currently includes an Incursion that needs to be cleared, but ah well. I am looking forward to working out of our new home in Delve, especially as the main combat ship is going to be the Proteus, and I’ve got the skills to fly it. Good times ahead I’m sure.

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  1. Wait until you see the price of a doctrine Proteus contract down in Delve. No move op makes things easier, but you will pay for it in ISK. Shipping to Delve is much more expensive. We’re going to miss our past proximity to Jita soon enough.

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