EVE: War in Catch, production at home

We are in a war again in EVE, and as usual TAGN will likely cover the major events far better than I will here. But war, war is always fun in EVE, and we are fully deployed and kicking ass.

This war is a bit of an odd one, because we are deployed to assist some allies Stainwagon (Russians), but our fighting force is larger than those who we are helping, so many of the battles are mostly Goons vs CO2+TEST, at least so far. The last few days it seems that the Russians are mobilizing, and yesterday dropped some dreads in a winning battle.

I’m deployed, but so far only have a single ship in our staging system (insta-lock Svipul), one that survived the big battle of the war so far, and earned me a few last hits as well (Jan 2nd F4R2 battle). I have a Prot and Cerb back in D-W, but those missed the move ops. Luckily our market people keep our staging well-stocked, so I’m not too concerned.

On a personal level, the war does interrupt the slow grind towards a Super Carrier, although that’s not a huge deal as I still have a few skills that need training towards that ship anyway, and I don’t want to buy the big toy before I’m able to join the appropriate group within Goons, which require those skills. With my combat pilot away from home, and with Delve not being safe-enough to rat in my carrier, my industry pilot has gotten more attention, and I have a full production chain cranking out T2 cargo expanders and other high-volume items, along with some PI. Its decent ISK, but I’m still in the “see what sells, see what makes sense to import” phase, so not much capital has been invested yet (maybe 3-5 bil?).

Back to the war, my main question is how long can our enemies sustain losing ships. Goons, living in the most economically-active region in the entire game (in same cases beating even Jita), have plenty of wealth built up and still coming in, so our SRP is well-funded and line members are still able to generate income when needed. Our enemies on the other hand don’t have a home and access to ratting or industry, and having just lost a blood war up north vs PL and friends, their finances are likely being pushed hard right now.

There is also the fact that, should any ‘must-have’ objective come up, Goons can always drop Supers and Titans in large numbers, while our enemies can’t without, ironically, asking for help from those who just kicked them out of the north, PL. So far PL is busy setting up their renter empire and haven’t been a major factor in the war, and its not a given that they will be. Without that help, our enemies are always in a position that should a fight ever get big-enough, we can always win it. Hard to outright win a war like that, unless our leadership lets it happen for :reasons:

And so war is happening, while at the same time normal life in now-slightly-more-dangerous-Delve also continues. Good times all around.

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5 Responses to EVE: War in Catch, production at home

  1. I had the flu over the weekend, so I am behind on the war. I have to go read Nosy Gamer. Also, I clearly erred in not bring some Svipul doctrine ships out. That seems to be the most common fleet ping of late.

  2. n0th says:

    Its entertaining to see how you’ve turned from an outside eve spectator to what seems like a typical goon line member.

    Adopting Mittani wording (OUR ENEMIES)
    Carrier ratting
    F1-ing in fleets

  3. n0th says:

    Getting involved with the shit that has non-gaming magazine headline potential is new-ish yeah.

    I feel like you could do with a post explaining exactly how big RP is in eve in general and especially in powerblocks. Carefully crafted speeches for internal audience, propaganda posters, “information warfare” on various out-of game resources etc.etc.
    Its certainly not obvious to an outside spectator, i’d also guess most players wouldnt even label it as “RP”.
    To me its exactly RP though.

    • SynCaine says:

      That’s not a bad idea, I’ll work on that post shortly. And yea, I agree its 100% RP, which is why IMO EVE is one of the stronger actual RPG’s in the MMO space, just not in the traditional way most people think about.

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