Pillars of Eternity II – It’s fig time

PoE 2 is already funded, which took all of 22 hours. It’s almost like if you make a great game (PoE1), follow it up with another great game (Tyranny), people will have some faith in you creating something great yet again. Weird how that works.

This time around the platform isn’t Kickstarter, but rather Fig. You can pledge money directly much like before on Kickstarter in various tiers, but on Fig you can also buy shares in the game itself, and the better the game sells, the higher your potential return. Shares are $1000 each, and the estimated break-even point for PoE2 is actually fewer copies sold than PoE1, so assuming PoE2 isn’t a disaster (and judging by what has already been shown, it won’t be), this seems like easy money.

At the very very worst, the return will be near zero, as I can’t imagine the game selling half or less than PoE1. At best? Well doubling your investment would require PoE2 selling a bit more than PoE1 at the same average box price, which I think is doable, based on the fact that PoE1 and Tyranny both built the player following up, and that means more people should be eager to get in on day one or around that time (full box price). Plus there is always the chance the game is a smash hit, which isn’t unheard of for sequels (Witcher 3, Mount and Blade: Warband, Civ VI, etc etc).

Lots of money or not, I’m just happy that PoE is coming back, and potentially as soon as Q1 2018.

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