CCP Dev destroys another snowflake

In alternate facts land, CCP has a long and well documented history of dev favoritism. They find the really important players and, because of how smart and dangerous those players are, they go after them in order to protect their friends’ in-game. It’s why I always tell everyone to only play honest and fair MMOs like “insert generic Asian import here”. It’s totally not because my thin-skin can’t handle failing as a tiny fish in a big pond, I swear!

Evil CCP is at it again today, this time CCP Pointybits going after famed player AverageGuyGreg. Was Greg too close to reveling the corruption within CCP? Was he about to take down the Imperium single-handedly? Was he simply too bright a beacon of truth? We will never know, because he is yet another innocent and total sane player destroyed by a corrupt CCP dev.

Hopefully someone names a station “His name was AverageGuyGreg”, you know, in his ‘honor’ and totally not as a joke at his expense via Fight Club reference.

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  1. Have you been reading /r/eve again? You know that just rots your brain.

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