Super Carrier has arrived

Back in October I purchased my carrier, a Chimera, and now 6 months later I’ve purchased my Super Carrier, the Wyvern. Progress!

The difference between the Chimera and Wyvern are mostly in power rather than functionality; the Wyvern is multiple times stronger, both in tank and dps. The tank is so strong that rats don’t take it below 99%, while the dps is so high that a single flight of heavy fighters solo a battleship in two volleys, while the boosted light fighters chew up frigs and cruisers as fast as they can be targeted. The Wyvern clears sites so fast that, unlike my Chimera, having a Noctis following behind is a major loss of ISK/hr. Right now my ticks (20min time frame) are around 100m ISK, but that should go up as I refine how I rat with the new toy.

Beyond the power difference, the ships are pretty similar. Slow, passive shield tanked, and using fighters for dps. However the Super Carrier can use heavy fighters in addition to light, which is a bit of a change. For starters, the heavies have longer range and much higher dps, but fly slower. This means they are very ideal for killing battleships, but because their dps is so high, you want to only assign one flight per ship, unlike the method of stacking the light fighters from a carrier on a single rat. Using the heavy fighters feels like going back to a starter zone in a themepark MMO that doesn’t scale, and one-shotting everything; it’s just ridiculously awesome overkill. I’m hoping to get a dreadnaught spawn soon to see how fast they chews that up.

Another difference, and something I only learned after a few sites, is that because the heavy drones have a larger orbit and are slow, you don’t recall them at the end of a site. You leave them in space, fly to the next site, and then recall them once you land and aren’t in warp anymore. They will warp back to you, and you assign them to kill as normal. Prior to learning this I was waiting for them to get back to the carrier, which was costing me at least 20m a tick.

So what’s next? Short term I need to finish the fit on the Wyvern, as I want to replace some of the fittings with higher meta stuff, possibly going as high as officer mods in a few spots. I also need to get a suitable pod with the correct implants, but that part is a little tricky considering a shield-focused set of implants is due to be added to the game ‘soon’. I might still go with a talisman set, because that one is speed based and that will help with ratting, while I can eventually get the new set if I ever use the Wyvern in direct (non-defense) PvP.

Speaking of PvP, my old carrier is now fully fit for that, so the next time a capital op goes down, and I have the time, I’ll join in. With the income from the super, along with my alt’s escalating industry setup, losing the carrier in PvP wouldn’t be that big of an ISK hit. As for that alt, he is still training to a FAX, but his industry pursuit continues to add skills in front of training for the FAX. But that’s always a good problem to have in EVE; too many interests to train towards.

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  1. Dinsdale Pirannha says:

    “Right now my ticks (20min time frame) are around 100m ISK, but that should go up as I refine how I rat with the new toy.” I will keep that number in mind the next time I hear one of the RMT cartel mouthpices talk about Risk vs Return.

  2. Dinsdale Pirannha says:

    Yup, and every day I can come up with who know how many high sec ganks, because there are no safe spaces in high sec. I said let’s see YOU post your loss when it happens. The numbers prove that the loss ratio in null sec of supercaps is ridiculously small.

    • SynCaine says:

      Please link me the latest high-sec incursion loss to a gank.

      Then link me enough of those to equal the single loss I linked you.

      Once you do that, I’ll link you just how rarely supers die in just the RMT capital of Delve, and then you can counter with enough high-sec incursion losses to equal it out. Sound good?

      • Dinsdale Pirannha says:

        Tell you what: When you post a KM of a SC, you might want to make sure that the predominant RMT cartel does not plan on doing an article ridiculing the pilot for going against standing orders for stratops. It kind of punches a rather large hole in your argument.

        • SynCaine says:

          Not at all. You said ratting in a super was low risk. I showed you it wasn’t by linking to a dead super from RMT space that happened basically as you were writing about how safe it was. Then I asked you to provide data showing high-sec is more dangerous when making serious ISK. You still haven’t done that.

        • trego says:

          The article ridicules them for not checking jabber to make sure that it was a safe time to rat or mine. I seem to remember when I played EVE that you didn’t have to check jabber while in highsec to mine or rat safely…it was just always safe. Looks like it’s time for you to provide a link to a huge highsec alliance ridiculing its members for losing ships in highsec without checking jabber first, or just admit you’re wrong.

    • So list some. Seriously, you are all talk. Time for some credibility.

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