EVE: I have the best problem of all

I currently have the best problem of all in EVE; too much stuff I want to do and train for.

As mentioned last time, I recently purchased my Super Carrier, and now have the goal of upgrading its fit. How far that upgrade process will go I’m not sure yet, as I don’t really know if I want to invest a billion+ ISK into single modules for tiny percentage gains, but we will see. There is also the pod to build, which I haven’t started yet, which on paper at least looks like a bigger ROI (still talking billions for a few %, but that’s basically MMO progression for ya).

Despite still being a work-in-progress, the SC is already doing its job as an ISK-printing machine running sites, and in fact runs sites so quickly that I’m generating far more 10/10 escalations during my playtime than I was with my carrier. Normally I would contract these out to our escalation running team, Lucky Runners, but they have failed to run the last 3/5 contracts I’ve put up, so time to get into that business as well.

Funny enough, one of the better ships to run Blood Raider 10/10s is the Rattlesnake, a ship I sold when I got my carrier. The circle of (EVE) life continues. However unlike a ratting Rattlesnake, the 10/10 fit is active tanked, and somewhat specific at that. It’s also a 2b+ fit, using deadspace fittings for the tank, and faction fittings for damage. On the plus side my main pod is already fitted with ideal implants for the Rattle, so +1 for that.

I ran my first 10/10 earlier today, and it went very smooth, although I think it took me a little over 30 minutes, so there is still room for improvement. The funny thing about jumping back in a battleship after flying a Super is you are reminder how long it actually takes to kill stuff in normal ships. Initially I was wondering why this battleship rat that I set my missiles to was still alive after a volley, and overall its just a much slower pace of death, even though in the 10/10 there are a lot more rats then in your typical site, and the opportunity to screw up and die is also much higher.

On the skills side, while I have perfect skills for flying the Rattle and its fittings, I’m 20 days away from being able to use tech two sentry drones. I bought some faction sentries for now, but the tech two will be a nice little bump up since I already have the boosting skill for tech 2 drones trained. But that’s 20 days on top of a pretty long skill plan right now, with Planetary Interaction skills behind it. I need the PI skills because my industry alt is selling a few items that require PI faster than I can produce it, so this pilot is going to help fill the gaps. Behind the PI skills are a few skills I’m still missing to fly a Macherial well, which is back as a mainline ship and something I want to fly in fleets.

My industry alt also has a long training queue, with the needed FAX skills coming along but often being interrupted by one industry skill or another I find I need but don’t have. Plus now that I’m selling a lot of stuff in a few places, moving it around requires better (perfect) hauling skills. This is on top of increasing science skills to push blueprint research faster, a new market area I’m digging into and enjoying.

Oh and I recently took my carrier out for a little PvP OP, though thanks to TiDi, it wasn’t terribly eventful, doubly so because our carriers were playing more of a support role than doing work in the main battle. Still, it was fun, and being in a fleet of 200+ capitals was something new for me.

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