New Tyranny content I’ll never see

Tyranny has new content available today, including a free patch and paid DLC. The free patch adds newgame+ mode, among other changes. The DLC is additional side story content, along with new background quests for a few companions.

Both of these sound good, but I’m not going to start up the game again. Due to my own fault of not waiting, I’ve already played Tyranny through twice, and I just don’t have it in me to go for round 3. Looking back, I should have waited on the secondly playthrough for exactly this moment, since it was very likely to happen. It is a bit odd that the DLC is coming this late, what with Pillars 2 already in development, but here it is anyway.

What’s somewhat comical about this whole situation is I generally have a problem with early access games, in that I play them before they are ‘finished’, and once finished, I’ve already seen too much to experience the final version. Well here is a full release game and yet the same ‘problem’ comes up yet again.

Kinda makes me wish I was in a time delay of, say, 3 years with everything, so I’d be buying 2014 games today for the first time…

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3 Responses to New Tyranny content I’ll never see

  1. Jenks says:

    DLC for RPGs is conflicting to me. I don’t replay many games, and most of these DLCs require you to restart to play them properly. So knowing that games will have additional content later helps turn you into a backlog gamer, always buying things to play them later. I find that interesting because that can’t help developers. They are encouraging putting off sales until their product is cheaper.

    Another thing I find interesting is how it relates to all the data on how few people actually finish single player games. I’ve read that as many as 90% of people don’t finish games. Are those people more likely to buy the DLC and retry? Or are the 10% more likely to buy it, to replay it?

    All that said… the most exciting thing I saw at e3 was that Xcom 2 expansion, I’ll sure as hell be replaying that. But that’s a game more about systems and gameplay than it is story.

    • SynCaine says:

      Yea I saw the XCOM thing, but I didn’t read to much into it. If its a sorta revamp like Long War was, I’m in. If its just new mission types along the way of the core game, I don’t think I have another round of that game in me either.

  2. The addition of a newgame+ surprised me. I look forward to playing Tyranny soon and will enjoy having the option of a newgame+, it’s just not a game I would expect to have such a mode.

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