Battle Brothers development has come to an end

My last post talked about the regret of playing a game before all of its content, including DLC, was release. In this post, I complain about the exact opposite, because gamers are children…

Battle Brothers, which you should already own two copies of, has released its final update. The devs are moving on to their next game, and have given reasons why allowing mods for the game isn’t really possible for them. In effect, version 1.1 of BB is it, so it can be played without fear of ‘what if more is added later’ ala Tyranny.

Yet I’m still sad BB won’t be expanding, because its an awesome game and I want more of what it does. Which yes, is the exact opposite complaint I had with Tyranny, but gain, gamers are children in some ways. Much like Mordheim, which has also had development stopped as the devs are on to their next game, the ‘problem’ I have with BB stopping is it still had so much untapped potential.

There are three end-game events, but there could be more. There are no female characters, which would not only visually expand the game, but provide the option for new events and backgrounds. More enemies never hurts, and there is a lot of room for them in BB. More mission types, more weapon tiers, more armor variety; all of that and more could be added to BB and it would be a better game.

That said, I get why the devs want to move on. They have been working on BB for 5+ years, and unlike a lot of other early access games, they not only finished BB, but stuck with it post-launch and were open and honest about why they are ending support. Add BB to the list of games that used EA well, used the Steam platform well (no major publisher would touch a game like BB), and have given PC gaming a unique and extremely fun title.

They have my attention for their next game, and hopefully we see it in EA soon.

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3 Responses to Battle Brothers development has come to an end

  1. coppertopper says:

    I haven’t read up on why no mod support but that is surprising. Like you said – so much more potential in this game.

    • SynCaine says:

      Reason they gave is during development they took some shortcuts (one I know of is all the text in the images isn’t text on top of image, the text is part of the image, hence translation would be a nightmare), and I guess those shortcuts make modding not possible.

  2. Mike says:

    It is disappointing. BB is an incredible game…just feels like there is so much more that could have been

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