CoC and CR update time

Mobile gaming update time.

In Clash Royale, 2v2 mode has received some interesting variations. We recently had an event that was 2v2 sudden death, meaning the game ends when the first tower goes down, and the game starts in double elixir time. It was a lot of fun, especially when you are on the positive side of a win just seconds into a match (graveyard+freeze was really strong).

CR is in a good spot right now in terms of the meta as well. Night Witch is very popular, but I don’t feel she is broken, just strong. Both my main decks (RG and Golem/Graveyard) remain viable around 4500, and each deck is starting to max out commons and get rares to level 10. I’m also one golem away from that card going to level 7, which is pretty exciting. Our clan continues to knock out clan chests and events quickly, and while we do rotate out 4-6 inactives each cycle, our core is very solid and extremely active.

On the CoC side, I just recently watched the clan war championship (very long video, recommend skipping around to the attacks), and it was amazing to see how different the meta is at that level vs our own, both in attack comp and base building. It reminded me of watching the LoL championship, where you are watching a game you yourself play, but the play is completely different. My guess is the Th11 vs Th10 strat of dragons+clone will become very popular, as it seems incredibly strong as a 3-star attack.

Speaking of Th11, my main account just recently leveled my final defense at Th10, so all that’s left is a few Barb King levels and a whole bunch of walls. My plan is to finish the King to 40, but then go Th11 regardless of how many walls are left. My other account just maxed all walls at Th9, and I’ve got a few levels of the King to go. Once he is 30, that account will go Th10, which I’m guessing will be right around the time I hit Th11 on the first account.

On the Builder Base side, I’m still really enjoying that game mode. It’s a lot of fun to attack, the upgrade pace feels much more relaxed, and balance seems very solid. I’ll go from getting a 100% in one attack to getting 40% on another, and sometimes I still win those 40% hits because my opponent got even less vs my base.

Across my two accounts, both BB6, one has max barbs and level 10 baby drags, while the other has level 11 archers and minions. As mentioned, I’ve gotten 100% results with both, while I’ve also seen both fail horribly. I’ve very much looking forward to having a few more troop options maxed, as well as having more of my defenses near maxed as well, as I think the meta will really shift at that point and executing the right troop combo vs the right setup will be very critical.

Our CR clan is generally full, but I can make a spot if requested. The CoC… clan has two open spots, so feel free to apply and just mention the blog. In both games the clan name is “Supreme Cream!”.

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  1. Jynxed says:

    I really gotta get a good night witch deck now that I unlocked her. I do love how active the clan is though!

    Hey syn have you thought about trying out brawlstars?

  2. Hey Syn,

    Been playing CR recently. Would love a spot. I. An definitly meet the crown requirement. Name is Bottom.

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