Since he asked…

show me a bad player and I show you a bad person. – Gevlon

Does playing 1000+ games and not making it out of the tutorial ranking qualify as a bad player? Does playing 1000+ games of PUBG without a single win qualify as a bad player?

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  1. Esteban says:

    I won’t press the LoL point, even though I still don’t consider trying to conduct a giant experiment to be the same as ordinary gameplay. But his PUBG rating seems considerably better than your own.

    • Trego says:

      How is that relevant? No claim of the form “better rating = better person” has been made. The only claim is that “bad player = bad person”. No qualification to that claim about ordinary gameplay versus experiment was made; i.e., if Gevlon is bad solely because he was conducting an experiment, then the conclusion to be drawn is that conducting the experiment made him a bad person. Remember, this is judging him by his own claim; so you can’t coherently retort that the criteria are unfair.

      • Trego says:

        p.s. that = in the paraphrase of gevlon’s claim is the assignment operator, not the equality operator. I.e., being a bad player implies you’re a bad person, but being a bad person does not necessarily mean you’re a bad player.

        pps. A better way to phrase the ‘coherently’ observation would be that in the end it’s up to Gevlon to admit his own mistakes, you could coherently observe that they are wrong but only he can recant his own hypocrisy.

        • Esteban says:

          I don’t know about any of that logical virtuosity. I just reckon Syncaine calling him bad at PUBG is a bit cheeky, considering.

        • Dobablo says:

          Gelvon’s objective is not to win through skill but to maximise his rating. To do this he games the rating system, grinding a few points each game as he aims to delay losing for as long as possible.
          If he was attempting to attain a typical FPS win condition his actions would be considered moronic.

        • Trego says:

          Not really. A lot of these ratings systems are afterthoughts, and not very meaningful. If Gevlon finds one he can’t exploit, then he’ll find some way to blame it on dev corruption. If he finds one he can exploit, then inevitably he finds some excuse to exploit it over, and over, and over. But for science, not so he can feel like he’s good at the game by exploiting the rating system despite not being able to win even once in a thousand tries…for science.

        • SynCaine says:

          As others have said, the point of PUBG is to win the game. Someone who has thousands of games played but zero wins isn’t just bad, he is likely one of the absolute worst players in the game, and that’s out of millions.

          Which itself is fine, we know Gevlon isn’t good at figuring out games, as was made abundantly clear in LoL. But for him to say someone who is bad at games is a bad person, well that’s a bit rich coming from the source.

    • Kryss says:

      I don’t think SynCaine can play like gevlon (sitting in corner to die second last), i don’t even can say that gevlon actualy “play” the game in human definition of “playing”. In all game he “won” he imitated activiy of badly written bot, and if that was not enough he cry “CORRUPTED DEVS” and run away. Now in PUBG, as i understand, he imitating AFK macro, what next?

      • SynCaine says:

        What’s next? He is going to continue to fail at PUBG, and at some point (likely soon) claim it is rigged and the devs are corrupt. It’s the standard Gevlon pattern at this point.

  2. Esteban says:

    He’s just shy of top-100 (or top 0.2%) on the Europe leaderboard. He isn’t just good at PUBG, he’s approaching world-class. Perhaps in the future scoring will be rebalanced to give wins and early kills greater weight, but as the game is conceived presently, our man is kicking serious butt.

    All this obfuscation – ‘leaderboards are an afterthought’, ‘the point of PUBG is to win a game’, he’s ‘exploiting’ – is veering dangerously close to blaming the devs for designing an FPS game where Gevlon can do exceptionally well using a Gevlonesque strategy. And we don’t blame the devs for things failing to go our way here at Hardcore Casual. As a loyal reader, I will not stand for this kind of decline.

    Anyway, I think the whole business of ‘unskilled=>bad person’ is rubbish straight out of Ayn Rand’s School For Tots, of course, but using PUBG to try to hoist him by his own petard is an uncharacteristic overextension for Syncaine. Not all the laughs in this running saga are at Gevlon’s expense.

    • Trego says:

      He’s already hoist on his own petard by LoL. Adding in the PUBG thing is an optional “maybe you agree with this take, maybe you don’t, but he’s already hoist on his own petard by LoL so this is just icing on the cake”. You not understanding this doesn’t change the fact that it is so.

    • Trego says:

      “Perhaps in the future scoring will be rebalanced to give wins and early kills greater weight, but as the game is conceived presently, our man is kicking serious butt.”

      But he’s not kicking serious butt; he’s getting repeatedly murdered. He merely delays his murder through innovative hiding techniques. Your own metaphors betray you, either you’re accidentally using imagery that undermines your own point or you’re doing on purpose to reveal that you’re just trolling.

      Second paragraph–you veered dangerously close to making a claim worth replying to in this paragraph. But then you didn’t. As someone who doesn’t care about loyalty to blogs, I will not stand because the lack of content here put me to sleep. Again, its seems more like you’re intentionally trolling than being serious here, the lack of effort is striking.

      No, some of the laughs are at your expense. Finally we agree on something.

    • SynCaine says:

      It’s an EA game, with a scoring system that likely was thrown up in 5 minutes, I think giving someone credit for gaming it as being a “good player” is pretty foolish. The point of the game is to win, and he is doing worse at that then he did in LoL.

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