This is a Castle Story post, 5 years after the last

Way back in 2013 I posted that I bought Castle Story off a Steam sale, and wasn’t very impressed. Bonus content in the comments section of that post, good to see some things never change. Double bonus about that post also talking about the now-dead EQNL and how it will fail. Checking the scoreboard, I believe I’m now up a billion and one in terms of accurate predictions. Why ALL developers don’t follow my advice at this point really is a mystery…

Anyway, Castle Story is officially released. I’ll have to load it up and see if its better now than it was 5 years ago. You’d assume it is, but you know what they say about assumptions (they say mine are 99% accurate).

This is also a reminder that sometimes Early Access works great, sometimes it fails horribly, and a lot of times it leads to having a game that is finally released 5 years later. The new-ish era of gaming everyone!

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