PUBG: Weapon feel and knowledge

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One of the more surprising aspects of the game is how different each gun feels, along with my personal feelings not always aligning with the stats of each gun. For example, based on stats the M16 is the best long-range assault rifle, but for me it’s my worst. I just can’t hit shots with it as consistently as I can with the M416 or the SCAR (I hate the AKM for long-range as well). That’s likely a combination of the stats (recoil mostly) of those guns fitting my style better, and just pure psychology. When I have those guns, especially fully modded, I feel I should hit shots, and so I do more often.

Scopes are similar for me. I like the 2x and 8x, while the 4x I find I don’t hit as well with at range. In close, I like the red dot over the holo. I personally like the UMP, but lately I’ve had significantly better results with the Vector, and I’m finding the Uzi also gets the job done well in close quarter situations.

What I’m a bit worried about is if/when the guns get tweaked. Already using each gun is almost like playing a different game, somewhat similar to playing different champions in LoL. You have your basic knowledge with things like the map, building layouts and loot locations, and then the next layer is actually shooting people, which is a combination of positioning and map location, along with the actual gun and hitting your shots. Feeling comfortable with any one gun takes time, and during that training time, you make mistakes. Mistakes that often lead to not only your own death, but also the potential death of your squad. On the flip side, saving a game with clutch shots is a great feeling, and builds on your confidence with a certain weapon.

When a new map is released, that will reset map knowledge, and if the new map has new buildings, that will also be a partial knowledge reset. And if/when guns get tweaked, that will also cause a knowledge reset, which makes the often-request offline shooting range feature that much more important. Get on it Bluehole!

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