CoC: Town Hall 13 is coming, and now is the perfect time to return

The December update to Clash of Clans will be a big one, with the additional of Town Hall 13. SuperCell has started sneak peaks, and so far they look good. Over the years its clear that the developers are getting better at updating the game (Imagine that Blizzard!), and today’s meta is as diverse and interesting as any I’ve seen over the years.

In preparation for the update, there is an event right now where the cost of all upgrades in the main base are 50%. This is massive, and allows people to catch up much faster. My main account is maxed out in everything besides walls and a few troop types in the lab. The 50% discount is making the wall grind go a lot faster, and I’m not overly concerned with the remaining troop types for now, though I might refocus on different troops depending on the balance update that comes along with the content update this month.

In our clan, we have two ‘factions’ right now. A group of us are near the max, and that group is the focus of League Wars. Unfortunately, we don’t have a full 15 in this group, which is a problem for League. The second faction is TH10 or below, working their way up. That group participates in regular clan wars, but aren’t high enough to effectively help in League wars, where war weight isn’t a factor and due to our ranking we face only TH12 and a few TH11 bases. Bringing a TH9 into League means they will have a nearly impossible task of getting two stars vs a TH11, but also they will give up an easy 3 star on defense.

My hope is that with this update, or the run-up to it, we have a few of our former high level members return to the game, or that the update brings other players back who will join the clan for the first time. Of course I’m biased, but it really is a great time to return, catch up, and experience what TH13 will bring to the game.

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