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Too many good games to play right now. I’m deep into my XCOM 2 game, I just picked up Divinity Original Sin 2, I’ve been messing around with ARK a little, I’m getting into Elder Scrolls Legends, and of course still playing PUBG when people are around. Oh and I’m mostly afk-managing my EVE pilots for PI and Industry while getting into the occasional fleet. Blog posts about most of that coming ‘soon’.

My gaming activity aside, two little bits of entertainment from my current favorite comedy blog. First is Gevlon STILL not understanding that MoA is insulting him via station name in EVE. I guess the renter-roaches don’t want to let the meme die? Dear Gevlon, go watch Fight Club, because after you do I’m guessing you’re going to do your normal fake news act and heavily edit that post, if not outright delete it. You’re welcome.

Second bit of comedy is that Gevlon is rapidly approaching the same level of ‘success’ he saw in LoL in PUBG. He’s not quite at 1000+ games in the starter league just yet, but with 500+ games and exactly zero wins, he is getting there (and this season has a pretty nice .03 K/D, his longest kill going out to all of 5 meters, so I’m guessing he has able to successfully punch some afk people? Good thing he has said he is focusing more on killing people now, having realized after 500+ games that’s kinda important to winning in PUBG). That does means the inevitable ‘PUBG devs are corrupt and out to get me!’ loony-tune post is surely coming, because if nothing else, Gevlon is very consistent with pushing his failures on anyone but himself and his very, very slow rate of learning. But just how bad is 500+ games and zero wins? Well considering you can win while literally afk, it’s not good…

PS: I do love in that afk video the person behind is realized showing someone win afk would be boring, so they sped it up, yet STILL left it as a 4m+ video. Good try good effort?

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