Damnit, he was trolling this entire time

“So being on the leaderboard means consistent game wins against the other good players, ergo being among the best.” – Gevlon, high on leaderboard, zero wins

Great, now I have to pay off a bet, thanks a lot Gevlon. You just had to finally go all out 100% troll huh? 99% wasn’t good enough for you?


“While winning an individual game at 1200 merely means that you killed some literal newbies AND got lucky with the circle.” – Still Gevlon, still zero wins

Given you have zero experience with the above (the winning at anything part), maybe try it first and see if it’s what you think it is? I mean you spent 1000+ games in LoL playing against actual literal newbies without making progress (in a game where the ranking system actually works, but lets keep pretending it does something in PUBG just so we can keep this joke going), so let’s not pretend that you would be capable of actually winning a game in PUBG at any ranking, short of eventually getting “win while afk” levels of luck.

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  1. Trego says:

    That’s a hilarious find, but the best is yet to come. When the devs finally fix the ladder so that you can’t cheese your way to the top by avoiding combat, Gevlon will use that as the keystone of his farewell article to PUBG, “proving” his argument that the devs are corrupt.

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