Is PUBG worth a 10/10 score?

Polygon has posted their PUBG review, giving it a 10/10 (which unlike a lot of sites, I think is actually pretty rare). Is PUBG a 10/10? Yes. Does that mean PUBG is perfect? Nope. And I think the review explains it well; sure the game still has issues, plenty of them, but at the end of the day even with the issues, the game is fun to play. So much fun, in fact, that it’s by far the most popular game on Steam, and has been for months.

I also really like the point about how people play PUBG for fun, and that’s it. There is no in-game progression, the ladders don’t matter (both from a players point of view and from a matchmaking standpoint), you aren’t begrudgingly playing to grind towards something to make the game eventually fun; you just play round after round because the game is fun. Pure, awesome fun. That, at it’s very core, is why PUBG is a 10/10, and still improving.

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7 Responses to Is PUBG worth a 10/10 score?

  1. Dennis says:

    “you just play round after round because the game is fun. Pure, awesome fun.”

    That sentence did bring me back to my childhood for a second. Back then you didn’t need fancy achievements, rankings (apart from the end of match score maybe) and what not. It was just playing, as you said, round for round with friends and having fun.

    I am absolutely in the market for PUBG because I saw some interesting gameplay videos on YouTube. You know the game as it seems… is there a mode for two players? I often play with a friend together but so far PUBG looked like a deathmatch and not a teamgame… am I wrong? Is there a mode where small squads can work together?

  2. Maineiac says:

    Tonight we squad!

  3. Supplantor says:

    The only problem with pubg is that I suck so bad at it

  4. Caldazar says:

    It probably deserves a 10/10 on gameplay, but not on overall. Bgs, Ui, graphics are certainly not perfect.
    This just demonstrates how silly it is to paste numerical values on total scores, especially for really good games.

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