LiF: We have a home

Apologies for the delayed “What we are doing” update in Life is Feudal. The cause of the delay? Um… playing it too much.

The big update is that we formed the guild (Supreme Cream) and have been busy setting up our holding. While we were waiting to get 10+ characters into the roster so we could actually drop a monument (city center), we were clearing a spot we thought would work well. Once we had 10+, we found out that spot, which we had done some teraforming to already, was too close to the edge of the server (map square) line, and we had to move more inward. To our surprise, we had to move a good bit away, and ultimately ended up inside the nearby forest.

The forest spot is nice for the obvious reason that wood and all other forest-type resources are abundant. It’s less ideal because we don’t have clay nearby, and we have to travel a bit north to get to mountains for ore, or south to a ridge for stone. And since we can’t make carts of any kind yet, long-distance hauling really isn’t an option for moving large quantities. We are pretty close to water, so fishing is easy as a steady supply of food at least. Part of the fun is discovering what works and what doesn’t, and claim location is certainly a huge aspect of that. Will our spot ultimately be great or terrible? We will see.

The actual ground around us isn’t perfectly flat, but it’s not terrible either, and we already have a large section of the initial guild territory leveled out. I’m not going to admit I did close to 7 hours of digging one day on vacation, but I’m also not denying it. It at least motivated me to set up a second monitor finally, and I put my old Dell 24” monitor back in use.

In addition to flattening land for housing and farming, we have also built up a natural dirt wall as our early form of defense. The defense was put up early because on our third day, a Chinese player came to us and, through some rough English, told us another group was coming to attack us. So far no one has declared war on us, but better safe (ish?) than sorry.

Our current focus is on everyone getting their initial skills up, and to start doing some mining/smelting to get access to iron. We need that because almost everything we need next (bigger storage, weapons, non-basic tools) takes nails, which can only be made at a smithy from iron. One of the rough spots of LiF right now is the crazy demands for even the most basic items. For example, we can build wooden walls right now, but in order to build a wooden gate, we need a linen rope, which is basically a 4th tier item that has a dozen pre-reqs we don’t have yet. The game is still in Early Access and all that, but that’s a pretty basic mistake IMO.

Reminder: If you are interesting in joining, here is out Discord to ask further questions.

Edit: Also here is a Twitch link to a member of Valhalla who often streams the game, in case you’d like to see it that way. He is very knowledge about the game, so ask what questions you might have in chat and you should get an answer.

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