LiF: Guild report Feb 2nd 2018

Oh how quickly things can change.

Saturday at 10pm EST every week is Judgment Hour, an hour where guild realm claims (the larger outer area of each guild’s space) is vulnerable to attack. You can destroy buildings, dig up dirt, cut trees, loot chests, etc. The inner space, the town claim, is not vulnerable however.

Last Saturday nothing happened in our area during JH. This Saturday was much different.

About 15 minutes prior to the start of JH, a Chinese guild called gondor (yes, no capital G) declared war on us. War means they can attack and kill us without an alignment hit at any time, not just during JH. Then when JH started, they sent a force of about 7-8 armed fighters to our area. Thanks to our new wooden walls and gate, they couldn’t get in and kill us, and our realm area really didn’t have much of anything on it save one hut. That hut took a beating, but it really doesn’t matter.

Our new friends from Revenant came to our aid, declaring war on gondor, and were able to push the enemy away, getting a few kills along the way (Life is Feudal is full loot, where you drop everything you have when you die. You also loss some skill points, with more lost the lower your alignment).

The war declaration however meant that now, at all times, someone could attack us. This was somewhat true before, but killing someone you aren’t at war with is a large alignment hit, and so rarely happens. The war placed a much higher priority on our stone walls, along with our combat training.

Since Saturday night we have had a few more skirmishes with gondor, though because of our limited combat skill progression and gear, we are still reliant on Revenant sending people over to assist us. I’m very hopefully we get that fixed soon, because skill-wise the Chinese are TERRIBLE, so even behind a bit on gear/stats, we should be able to engage them. It’s just not doable in rags and practice weapons.

The thing the Chinese are best at is chopping trees and generally making a mess of the environment, and they bring those life skills to full use in LiF (zing). They have chopped a good number of trees around our base, leaving the stumps behind, which does impact our ability to haul in lumber. It’s not too too bad, since we are in a forest and all, but it is a bit annoying.

The latest big development is gondor setting up a base just south of Revenant’s city. They have been fighting all day, with Rev getting the better of if, but it’s a highly aggressive move from gondor. We will see how it all plays out this week, and especially what happens come JH this Saturday, but things are now certainly more exciting in our neck of the woods.

In non-combat updates, our horses have started breeding, we have a full barn of sheep and pigs, and have converted a coop from chickens to rabbits to get more fur/leather for armor production. I’ve hit 30+ in tailoring, meaning I can make basic armor for slingers and militia, while our smiths can produce tier one and tier two metal armor and weapons. I need tailoring 60+ to make archer leather armor, which is my next push. On my builder, all of the stone wall construction is skilling up my masonry nicely, and will hopefully get me to 60+.

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