Fall of Winterhome, the new Frostpunk scenario

I reviewed Frostpunk here, and the review still holds up in terms of accuracy. Since that review the game has received a bunch of content updates, with one being a new scenario, the Fall of Winterhome.

It’s a challenging scenario in that you start with almost 400 people, some tech, and a large city. The initial problem is that much of the city is in ruins, ruins that need to be cleared to make space for actually useful buildings. Another challenge is that since you have so many people, but not the tech or infrastructure to really support them, people tend to get sick, go hungry, and eventually die. That’s bad overall, but made worse by the fact that the initial challenge is to raise hope and lower discontent to certain levels. Hope is especially hard to raise because every death lowers it, and deaths tend to come in waves as bad things happen, like a house being outside of heating range and the temp dropping.

The extremely different start in this scenario is a very welcome change for the game, and really puts an emphasis on certain gameplay systems, much more-so than when you play the baseline game. Its great content, and would have been worth $5 or so as DLC. However this scenario, like all current updates to Frostpunk, is free, which is hard to beat for value.

If you enjoy city builders even a bit, and haven’t purchased Frostpunk yet, do yourself a favor and go grab it, it’s fantastic. If you own it, I highly recommend firing it up again for the new scenario.

PS: The most recent update added Endless mode, with two new maps and some new mechanics to support it. I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m very eager to do so once I actually beat the Winterhome scenario.

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2 Responses to Fall of Winterhome, the new Frostpunk scenario

  1. Thf says:

    I tried the Winterholme scenario and failed miserably. Then tried again and I managed to survive like 1 more day than the first. Went tableflip, dropped the temperature setting one down and it was a cakewalk with a single death at the very last day when I ordered a 24h shift in the steel mine to get those last 200 steel out to the dreadnought to finish it to full. :-D
    And definitely try the new endless mode with one of the new maps (mine was the canyon one) and rush scouts :-P.

    • SynCaine says:

      Yea just beat Winterhome myself last night. Failed it twice before that. What really helped me was instead of assigning people to ruins, I built gathering spots around the ruins, then removed them once all the ruins in the area were cleared. Far more effective and much lower risk of sickness via cold. Also finding and using the one automation around the city to work in cold buildings (had mine switching between the wall lumber building and a coal mine) was really helpful too.

      Fired up an endless game, canyon map as well. Seems really interesting so far, but will likely pause as the Battle Brothers expansion comes out today.

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