Battle Brothers: Inching towards legendary victory

I’m now 200+ days into my current campaign in Battle Brothers, and things are going well overall, though I’ve yet to complete a single legendary site. I have resolved two end-game crisis events however (orcs and noble war).

What I really like about the design of BB is how smooth the scaling is. Early on (first 50 days) progress and change are rapid. You hire lots of brothers, a bunch likely die, and you are changing/upgrading gear constantly. The mid-game (50-150) is slower in terms of change, but is where your core brothers finish their builds, and when you really start locking down what style of gear/weapons they use. You also focus more on creating a complete 12 man battle squad vs focusing on just gearing/leveling individual brothers with whatever you happen to have. The end-game (150+) is all about finishing the final levels of newer brothers, replacing decent brothers with higher-quality recruits, and about finding/buying the best gear, with a focus on hunting down legendary items.

The kind of contracts you take and who you fight also evolves. Early on its all small skirmishes with weaker monsters or bandit thugs. Mid-game you get into larger battles (maybe 12-15 enemies), with some higher tier/special enemies thrown in. In the late game, you are generally facing 20+ enemies, and/or the upper elite monsters that require careful planning. It’s also in this phase when you start facing the unique encounters, be it the goblin city, black obelisk, or any of the new pieces of content included in the DLC. As mentioned above, I’ve yet to beat such a site, though I did get close against the goblin city (it’s a massive fight vs 45+ enemies).

Even in the late-game, I can still chip away with short place sessions. If I only have 30 minutes, maybe I run a simpler contract, or do some exploring. A single battle might take 15-20 minutes, so that fits as well. If I have more time, longer contracts are in play, or I can do something focused like hunt down a legendary location via tavern rumors.

Regardless, the game is still very much keeping me entertained, and I already have an itch for a second campaign.

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