Another Battle Brothers DLC is coming!

The latest expansion/DLC was announced today, called “Warriors of the North”.

More ‘stuff’ is great news for me, as I’m still very much in love with BB. I’ve been playing ‘true’ Ironman games lately (more on that in another post), and this DLC will likely mean I can also start up a non-Ironman game to explore all of the new content in one fresh-feeling game.

In addition to the new faction, I think being able to make decisions around how your company starts, including the starting brothers and opening scenario, is awesome, especially if those decisions continue to impact your game long-term. That could add a lot of replayability to a game that is already packed with replayability.

The announcement also confirms that the first DLC sold well-enough to get a second released, which then hopefully means BB development continues, as the core game is a great foundation for A LOT more ‘stuff’ that could be added.

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