News review from E3 2019

Lots of news coming out of E3, so let’s talk about some of it.

First up, Cyberpunk 2077 has Keanu in it, and is coming in 10 months. That’s doubly awesome. The game itself looks almost too good to be true (so its 100% going to disappoint some people who buy way too much into it and expect it to do all things they can image), and we all know its going to be a buggy mess at launch. At the same time, yea, I’ll be there day-one, because even with whatever flaws it has, its most likely going to be an awesome time, warts and all.

Next up we have Bethesda walking back a lot of things about Fallout76, especially around the decision to not include human NPC quest givers and major storylines. While its good that eventually F76 will have them, I’m still unsure how well they will fit retroactively into a game designed NOT to have them. Considering how many mistakes the devs have made, I’m at best cautiously optimistic here. The Battle Royale mode is… well it should be a joke but sadly its not. One step forward, two steps back here.

Dying Light 2 was announced. I liked the first, so the second is on my radar. This is one of those “hoping for more of the same, but better” situations, as I wouldn’t change much about the original in terms of design. I do like that how you solve quests seems to have a massive impact on the map/city. If that’s as meaningful as they make it seem in the video (it almost never is, of course), then that could make the game a fun one to play multiple times through.

Finally, Outerworlds is coming out in October. It will be on a soon-to-die platform in 2019, and then officially release on the PC platform everyone is using in 2020.

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3 Responses to News review from E3 2019

  1. saltycleric says:

    Soon to die….streaming is going to be the new platform. It will drive better internet infrastructure country wide. Blizzard makes their billions on micro transactions and the sub model. Every major company wants that and streaming games to a TV or mobile device at minimum 1080p/60 is how that will happen.

    • SynCaine says:

      I’m not sure. For one thing, 60fps is no longer acceptable for games that are dependent on quick reactions (MOBA, FPS, RTS), and that’s assuming everything else is as latency-free as it should be, which it won’t on a streaming service vs a dedicated machine. Sure, streaming might work for TBS titles or anything singleplayer that doesn’t require fast twitch gameplay, but the most popular games today don’t fall into those categories.

      Second, the ‘soon to die’ is in reference to the Epic Game Store, not a streaming platform. Plus I don’t actually think the EGS will die, it will just remain a much smaller market than Steam, and so the push to be exclusive on it will die, making EGS more of an Epic launch ala Blizz or Origin vs being a ‘real’ store like Steam.

      • saltycleric says:

        I thought you meant consoles. Streaming is the new console IMO and the race is on the replace the hardware with the best quality streaming service. You are right – Epic is too late to the game and can’t buy their way into a gaming library at this point – it’s all about Steam, Microsoft, and the bigger game devs who can afford their own services like Bethesda and what they introduced at E3 – Orion.

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