Baldur’s Gate 3 announced, might be out in November?

Larian Studios, the people behind Divinity: Original Sin, have announced they are working on Baldur’s Gate 3, which will also be on Google’s Stadia streaming platform (a platform I have zero interest in). BG3 might also be a launch title, meaning it could come as early as this November.

The only info we have right now on BG3 is the teaser trailer, which is some nice CGI, but doesn’t tell us a whole lot about the game. That said, I do have some faith in Larian simply based on D:OS2, and also because of the leap they took in design from D:OS1 (a game I felt was massively hurt by its constant attempts at comedy) to D:OS2 (still had jokes, but jokes weren’t the focus like in the first game). Hopefully BG3 is even less jokey, and at least the trailer is more horror than anything else.

Ideally for me, BG3 is an expanded D:OS2 set in the Forgotten Realms IP. Give me similar combat, give me a party made of pre-set characters with backstories (including your own character), maybe improve the crafting (or remove it entirely), but basically stick to what made D:OS2 work. We shall see, and hopefully we will see it ‘soon’.

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