This War of Mine gets free “Final Cut” update

I glowingly reviewed This War of Mine back at the start of 2016. To date its still one of the more unique and powerful games I have ever played.

The game received a free update recently, which is a testament to how well the game has been supported by the developers. It has also received a few pieces of DLC content, Stories, which are well-done and offer more linear-driven narratives set within the world of TWoM. They are all good to great, and IMO worth the low cost if you enjoyed the base game.

I’m playing Final Cut now, and having a great time with the game. It’s good that I’ve forgotten how it all works, because being surprised and dealing with the unexpected is a key factor in the game. It’s also aged beautifully, and runs without a hitch. Go grab it if you still haven’t!

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