CoC: Initial impressions after the TH13 update

Quick CoC update since the release of Town Hall 13 happened:

I’m really enjoying things, especially the new hero. From an offense perspective the game feels very fresh right now, and I haven’t even unlocked the new Yeti unit yet. At least I’m able to use some of my long-stored consumables now, while I wait for my core units to complete their updates.

Defensively I haven’t unlocked the new building yet, and I haven’t reconfigured my war bases either. The change to lab and camp building sizes (they are smaller) has had some impact, but luckily for me its been minor to my bases. That said I am really looking forward to what the base meta will look like at TH13 once things are closer to max and people figure out some standard attack armies.

Overall its nice to have things to upgrade and unlock again on both accounts, and it has me attacking and collecting loot far more than I was doing prior to the update. I guess that’s one of the benefits of being a ‘veteran’ of the game and near-max now; I can slow down when I get near the end, and then ramp back up once an update hits, which feels more manageable than grinding full time all the time.

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