Quick gaming update

Lockdown life continues, ever so slowly.

On the gaming front I’m still playing a good amount of Mighty Party, as the Steam version is the perfect game to have running while you work from home, as it needs very little real attention, but things need clicking ever so often. Of course when I do have 5 minutes or so, I can always manually play a battle, which continues to be enjoyable.

I’m also still playing Bannerlord, which sees frequent patches that continue to improve it. It’s still Mount and Blade, so it’s still awesome, but already my mind wanders to the inevitable mods that will take a great game and make it truly special.

Finally after messing around with multiplayer Northgard for a bit, my buddy and I are testing out Ancestors Legacy. In short it plays like medieval Company of Heroes, which is a huge compliment. Sadly the online scene is pretty dead, and finding a game takes some time. I think perhaps bad marketing is to blame here, as the game itself is solid, so should have a larger playerbase.

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