Necromunda Underhive Wars – First impressions

TLDR: It’s Mordheim with the Necromunda IP, plus more stuff. That is a very good thing.

I’ve only completed the first 9 campaign missions (out of 15), and played a couple missions using a custom gang vs the AI, so this is very much a first impression rather than a review. I have yet to see the territory system or how a gang evolves over time, or really gotten into item management and ganger advancement.

What I have experienced a good deal by now however is the combat system, and it really is a joy. The verticality of the maps is initially overwhelming but soon becomes a major source of enjoyment; positioning shooters on a high support beam, forcing melee engagements inside tight spaces, moving around the map quickly via zip lines and grappling hooks. It’s all very in character of what Necromunda should be, and in game form is executed very well. Things like hit percentage due to cover, or the skills you have, or the weapon you are using; it all melds together into a nice strategic mix.

Graphically the game is also on-point to what I would expect for Necromunda; dark, atmospheric, and with all of the Warhammer 40k flavor you would expect. I have seen people report some crashing issues, but I have yet to have one myself, and so far the game has run great.

I have also yet to try out multiplayer, but considering how much time I put into that with Mordheim, I’m expecting great things. Fully review coming after a bit more time with the game, but so far very happy with it.

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