The Necromunda AI can’t play the game, early Crusader King 3 thoughts

Point blank the Necromunda AI can’t play some of the maps/objectives in the game. It gets confused, sits in a corner, and basically just doesn’t fight back. This pretty much ruins the game, as facing the AI is the only way to reliably progress a gang. Also PvP right now isn’t working great either as crashes happen often and there is no way to rejoin a game in progress. Hopefully some patches fix things, because when it does work Necro is a lot of fun, but right now too much DOESN’T work to bother investing time in.

Which brings me to Crusader Kings 3, a game that doesn’t feel buggy or released too early. CK3 plays great, but is one of the more love/hate types of games out IMO. You either really dig the deep simulation, or hate the fact that nothing ‘happens’ and all you do is mostly watch (this isn’t true, but I 100% get why some feel this way about this type of game). I’m only a bit into my second game, the first really just being used to stumble through and learn the basics, but I’m enjoying it a lot so far.

I played a good bit of CK2, but the third is easier to get into AND also easier to play. Things are generally more where you would expect them in the UI, and because the game doesn’t have 100 pieces of DLC (yet), its not bloated.

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