Warhammer will kill World of Warcraft!

The latest Virgin Worlds podcast was part 2 of a top ten MMOs of the future series. While the entire podcast is very entertaining, it was not a huge surprise that Warhammer Online was the groups #1 game. That said I was a bit surprised how far ahead it placed in terms of expectations and the feeling that it will be a quality game. This got me thinking, how huge will WAR be? 

I always laugh whenever a game is tagged a ‘WoW killer’. The only possible WoW killer is Blizzard’s WoW 2, and even then it would only be a killer if it had similar specs to allow the current fan base to switch without having to upgrade hardware. Back on point, no game is going to come out and ‘kill’ WoW, just like WoW did not kill every game before and after it (unless the game deserved to die like Motor City Online).


That said, it IS possible to cut into WoW’s 8 or 9 million subscribers, or post a sub base of 5 million plus. If any game has a chance, it’s going to be WAR. As noted in the podcast, it would seem that the next wave of MMOs will usher in a new era of PvP focused gameplay. With the harsh fan reaction to TBC’s raid-focused gameplay, the scene is set for PvP to come in and steal the show. Instead of a 5 hour grind, grab 5 friends and go compete verse other players on a battlefield, be it for 30 minutes or 10 hours, the ‘content’ is always there, ready and waiting.


The difficulty with PvP is that if the balance is off, the player base will be quick to catch on and demand changes, or simply leave. Yet again, if anyone has a chance to achieve that balance, my money is on Mythic. Say what you want about the shortcomings of Dark Age of Camelot, but the Realm vs Realm aspect was ahead of its time. While by no means perfect, it certainly brought PvP to a new level, and really expanded it beyond the simple ‘group and gank’ gameplay.


Now Mythic is set for round two with Warhammer. It’s RvR 2.0, and from all the info available it really seems that Mythic is focused on making that aspect the crown jewel of WAR. Let’s assume it works as well as it sounds, how big could WAR get? Will it steal the PvP players from WoW, along with those bored of raiding? Will it bring in Warhammer’s already considerable tabletop fan base? And perhaps most importantly, will it have the ‘snowball’ effect WoW had? Will it reach 2-3 million subs and become the new ‘it’ game that people will play based on word of mouth, leading to the massive growth that propelled WoW to the record-breaking numbers it enjoyed in its prime?


It could.

It has the buzz, the solid IP, a solid dev team, and EA’s marketing money.

It has that ‘perfect storm’ feel to it. Now it just has to deliver.

 (And it could gain more buzz if someone would slip me a beta invite and I could secretly blog about it, hint hint)

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3 Responses to Warhammer will kill World of Warcraft!

  1. Wagres says:

    There is no chance War will kill WoW. Wow is much better then War and with the new patch,Lair of the witchking they will gain even more players. WaR looks nice,but people from War are already returning to WoW.

  2. Wolf says:

    It probably could kill WoW I mean WoW has been pretty much the it game for the past several years and veteran players know it inside out by now. Even with the new expansion the mechanics will still be the same, after a couple of months its just gonna go back to being the same game it was before the new patch. Warhammer ironically brings something new and fresh to the table even though they were around even before Warcraft. It brings that new sense of interest and exploration not to mention its a new generation game, unlike WoW thats still running on obsolete technology.

    So Warhammer could be a definite WoW killer depending on how the first months will be like. The thing that WoW had that to me make it a big hit was the balance it had when it first started out. You felt that you the small guy could take on the big guys if you were just good enough or had good team work. Come The Burning Crusade it didn’t matter if you were the best player in the game if the other guy had better gear than you there was no way in hell you were gonna beat him.

    On a side note I honestly though I really don’t know why they made another fantasy game when there is practically dozens of fantasy MMORPG’s already out there and its pretty much a given that Warhammer 40k is more popular than its fantasy counter part. Not only would that have been an awesome MMORPG to make first but it would be a definite eye catcher since there are not many sci fi MMORPG’s especially good ones. There’s EVE and Star Wars Galaxies thats pretty much it.

  3. Dalisson says:

    Sorry, 50% of the players who made the trade for warhammer are back to azeroth, the experience in warcraft still is the best.

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