Milk run.

Over the weekend I joined a very friendly and casual Corp named Milk in a Bag (MILK) after one of there members (Iron Mcfly) noticed my bio saying I was looking for a corp. We ganged up and did some mining together, Iron using his mining ship to strip-mine asteroids while I had my main hauling with his Badger and my newer pilot doing some mining in his frigate. Window mode on a 24” screen worked wonders here, letting me switch from one account to the other with one click. His ship mined at a good 5 times faster than the frigate, and overall we made close to 10 million in ore. Afterwards the CEO of the Corp, Mordakia, logged on and we got to talking a bit on Teamspeak. Getting the basics of the Corp, I decided it seemed like a good fit and joined up with both my pilots.

On Sunday the Corp runs level 4 missions in gangs, to which I brought my Cormorant to. It was an interesting experience, as it was the first time I’ve seen battleships in action, as well as rats in big ships. A few of the missions had us fighting a great number of drones along with some heavy ships, and my little destroyer actually proved quite useful versus the smaller stuff. The highlight, or lowlight perhaps, was when a rat battleship decided to target me and send a few missiles my way. The initial volley took out my shields, and before I was able to fully warp, the next wave hit and bye bye Cormorant. Luckily I had nothing of any real value on the ship, and the ship itself only costs 900,000. The Corp gang leader provided me 1 million ISK to help offset the cost, which was very nice of him. Not that I needed it, as the bounty on the bigger rat ships is over a million each, and even just getting a cut of that made by bank go up a few million by the end of the night.


Overall joining the Corp has added another interesting layer to EVE Online for me. Our goal currently is to reach a higher standing with the Amari Empire, and then put up an Empire POS, as we are mostly an industrial/carebear Corp. As for my pilots, they are still training the Learning section skills, which my combat pilot finishing Learning V soon. In a week or so I should be ready to start picking up some more combat-oriented skills, hopefully raising my usefulness for future Sunday mission runs as well as getting myself into level 2 missions.

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  1. Get into 0.0 and start PVPing as soon as you can… you will never regret it… a whole new world and a whole new level of game play out there in deep space. Well worth it!

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