CoC: Bitterly entertaining defeat

I’m the type of person who, once I get into something, I devour it. That’s kinda where the title of this blog comes from, because even as I casually (by my standards) play MMOs, I still do so with a ‘hardcore’ edge. I’ve never been into things for the participation trophy, and likely never will.

So because the MMO genre continues to be utterly uninteresting, my attention has focused more and more towards Clash of Clans. In some ways it brings me back to the ‘good old days’ of leading my EVE Corp, of WoW raid, of realm warfare in DAoC, or of guild activities in UO; working with and leading people together against others and succeeding. The major difference is that in CoC, this can done without the massive time commitment leading a guild usually requires. It’s still more than the average, but at least it’s not full-time-job levels.

The other major motivator for me right now is the depth of CoC. You can play it casually and derp around, but the more serious you get about it, the more the game rewards you for that. And because ultimately it’s a PvP game, you won’t hit a mastery level where things become trivial; the better you get, the better you will compete with others at that level. This goes for individual play as well as for the overall average of a clan.

I state all of this because my clan, “Supreme Cream!”, has lost our last two clan wars by razor-thin margins, and that just doesn’t sit well with me. Now let me be very clear, the wars were very entertaining, and ultimately that’s why I play games, but I don’t like losing. Especially when room for improvement exists, starting on my end and going down. Which brings me to the new tab on this blog. It should help us improve, and seeing improvement is a large portion of the fun I have as a leader.

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  1. Lars G says:

    Clash of Clans is one of the few online mobile games like this (where you raise up a village/zoo/Jewish tabernacle etc over time) that I actually consistently play anymore. Most of the reason is because of the minimal in-app purchases. While yes, CoC does try and get you to give it money, it doesn’t jam it down your throat like many other “top-grossing” mobile games. Furthermore, the game isn’t incredibly hard without gems, which makes progressing fun.

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