The art of the lob pass, plus mining fun.

Quick Mario Strikers Charge update; Online play is damn fun. The game itself is somewhat basic, with really only a few moves (shoot, pass, dodge, tackle, lob), but how you combine those moves into combos really determines who is the better player. As I was playing last night, I played vs a player who used lob passes frequently, making tackling him a real issue. His strategy was basically lob pass the ball until it charged up and then attempt a lob shot. The odds of the goalie stopping the shot are high, but since he was taking a lot of shots, eventually he would score some goals. It was the first time I had seen such a strategy, and not surprisingly lost the game, but it was still fun to see someone use the same basic tools yet play in a completely different style. The only minor complaint at this point is that the connection is sometimes flaky to the server. You can play a game lag free, but once the game ends and it’s time to report scores, you will get the disconnect message. I’m willing to overlook that right now as the game is still new and they may be working out the kinks to the servers, something any MMO player is more than familiar with.

In other news, I set up a second account in EVE Online in order to train both a combat pilot and a mining/industry pilot at the same time. I ended up running my new miner through the tutorial and into mission 10 of the chain “Mountains out of Molehills”, and the final step of the quest should be completed when I get home. As seems to be the running theme with EVE, I’m once again surprised by the depth of the entire mining/blueprint/industry aspect of it, and this is after 1 day. In a strange way, I’m looking forward to logging on and finding a nice spot to do some mining now, even though overall mining is a very boring activity in and of itself.

I also had my first serious talk with a member of some Corporation looking to recruit me. Originally we got into contact after the pilot was very helpful in explaining some of the details of Industry to me, and we got talking about character goals and such. Seeing as I was a miner and his Corp was an Industry focused one, it seemed like a natural fit, until we realized his Corp is mostly Minmatar and I was Amari, so that would not really work out all too well. I’m wondering how active I should be in trying to find a Corp, as I have no doubt a great number of benefits could be had for a new pilot. For now however, and will just train and see what happens, as I don’t feel I need to force the issue just yet…

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