On Tap.

With my Corp (Milk in a Bag) planning a little low sect trading mission soon, I’m eagerly waiting for my Learning skills to finish up so I can start training towards a Caldari Moa and increasing my combat effectiveness overall. The Moa should at least give me a fighting chance should we encounter trouble, instead of just being a flying target like I am in the Cormorant now. Great ship for level 1 missions, but as my brief experience with level 4 showed, destroyers get eaten by the larger ships in the game. Speaking of missions, since MILK operates in Amari space, I’ve decided to work up my standing with that faction instead of the Caldari Navy. So it’s back to a -14 level 1 agent for me, with the paltry rewards he offers. Hopefully I’ll grind that out soon and get back to a higher quality agent. With my recent purchase of Rank 3 learning books, my bank account is once again hovering around 1 million ISK, and I still need to buy two Rank 3 books, at 4.5 million each. Here’s hoping for a group mining effort tonight to get me some fast cash, otherwise its back to Mr. -14 for more missions.

Hopefully this weekend I can finally log on to LoTRO for the first time in a week and check out book 10. Rumor has it some nice changes have been made, but if the enjoyment of the lower levels does not return soon, I fear my time in Middle Earth may be drawing to a close. Between the Wii and EVE, I have little time for LoTRO, especially when it starts to feel like a chore just to grind and get to 50. If I do decide to quit, I’ll certainly keep an eye on it and perhaps return once a few more books have been released. Maybe the consistent enjoyment that I had with the game from 1-30 will be there from 1-50 in a few months.

Have a good weekend everyone, happy gaming!

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