LoTRO heat, and EVE missions.

Quick note about LoTRO before I go into my latest EVE adventures; for whatever reason, LoTRO likes to overheat my computer, resulting in graphic artifacting and eventually a complete crash that results in the comp restarting itself. I have a system capable of running the game on ultra details while maintaining 30FPS, yet even if I set the graphics to medium, the comp still overheats anytime the room temperature is above 75 or so. LoTRO is the only game to cause this; Oblivion has no issues, Company of Heroes runs fine, everything but LoTRO. So aside from the normal LoTRO burnout I’ve been having, it does not help that I’m limited to playing it only on cool weather days, as the AC does not reach far enough to apparently help the computer. A large room fan does little. Anyone else have a similar issue?

Moving on to games that DO work, I played a good bit of EVE Online this weekend, doing some level 1 missions solo and also ganging up with my Corp to tackle some level 4 missions on Sunday.

For the level 1 missions I decided to mix things up a bit and leave my Cormorant and hop into a Kestrel. I loaded the Kestrel with 4 rocket bays, an afterburner, and some low slot speed thing. Top speed was pushing 600m/s, perfect for getting in quick to unload the rockets. Everything was going great until the Kestrel ran into a rat destroyer, and being slow to realize this, it was too late to warp out. Pop goes the Kestrel. Granted the ship and its fittings are nice and cheap, so setting another up is not that big an issue, but it was sad/silly to lose a ship during a level 1 mission.

Sunday is the day our Corp likes to get together and run some level 4 missions. I got in my Cormorant fitted for long range combat, 4 150mm rail guns and a missile bay. Ok, long range for the Cormorant… Anyway, I’m not exactly a big factor in the combat force, considering the other gang members bring battleships or battle cruisers. It’s just fun for me to come along and see the big stuff go boom. Well, that and the fact that the big rats have a very hefty bounty on them, and getting a cut of that is always nice, especially for Kestrel replacement costs. So we get the level 4 version of Worlds Collide, a tough mission I’ve completed for a level 1 agent. The level 4 version was crazy. You know you are about to see a lot of ships when after the warp gate, EVE takes a few seconds to load everything up, and once it does your radar fills up with red x’s of various sizes. Even with our gang of experienced pilots, they at times did have to warp out to repair up before coming back in. It was during one of these moments that my poor Cormorant, for the second week in a row, got target locked by 4-5 big ships and proceeded to melt. Between the lock-on notification and seeing my pod, I must have had a good 5 seconds. Sadly warp had indeed started on my Cormorant, but a stray shot must have taken me out before I was able to squeak out. As frustrating as it can be to lose a ship and have to re-buy everything again, it certainly does add a nice hint of danger and a sudden rush to missions knowing you are a few target locks away from death. Overall profit for Sunday was a good 7-9 million, and considering I went into the day with 5 million, I would call that a good day. Looking forward to next week, especially if I am able to train up enough to jump in a Cruiser and actually contribute some worthwhile damage.

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5 Responses to LoTRO heat, and EVE missions.

  1. I did notice that at the beginning of the summer, my system would over heat where normally it would not. The only difference being that I am playing LOTRO and have a new heatsink on my CPU.
    I have tested my cooler (http://www.zalman.co.kr/eng/product/view.asp?idx=229&code=009) with other games and did not have the same result. Since this time that I discovered it must be LOTRO, I have had to remove the side of the case to facilitate better air transfer and totally forgot as to why I was doing it until you posted this.

  2. syncaine says:

    Yea removing the side case does help in my case as well, although its not a complete fix. I would love to know why LoTRO causes that much heat though, when other games with the same or higher graphics quality run fine…

  3. SouledOut says:

    LoTRO does indeed push the system hard… it seems the game engine isn’t fully optimised and uses far too much memory (GPU and RAM), and even internet bandwidth than it should (according to posts on the US forums). Unfortunately the customer services and forums aren’t the most helpful out there and tech support usually blames the end user or directx for the vast majority of problems with no regard for ANY troubleshooting carried out – players often get told to reintall Windows or upgrade their PC, do so and notice no difference apart from 2-3 days trying to make their PC work again in general.

    Glad to see you’ve also noticed LoTRO is the source of the problems by a simple process of elimination: everything else is fine except LoTRO. Not exactly rocket science ;)

  4. fyrepunk says:

    Well i thought i was going crazy for about two weeks now. but as it seems im not the only lotro player having heat issues i feel better. The crazy thing is that I’ve been running lotro on this system for about 12 months with no problems and just recently its been heating up my system and crashing it. I love this game but its really pissing me off. Can’t wait for Conan!!!

  5. Nathrezim says:

    So im not the only one with this problem!
    The funny is that the gpu and the cpu are running pretty cool.The ram is running really hot and i dunno….soon the psu starts overheating.Great diference if i remove the side panel…

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