One great big lovefest.

It’s been very nice reading all the comments in response to my post about the upcoming WoW expansion. If nothing else, it shows that a great variety of people play MMOs, and everyone has a different view of what’s good/bad.

Many people could relate to my feelings on the game, loving it to the point of burning out. For others it either never clicked, or only clicked for a short period of time, and others still are enjoying what the game offers at a pace that works for them.

Regardless of which camp you belong to, it would be impossible to deny that WoW has indeed greatly expanded the player base of the MMO community, not just in overall numbers but also in the type of players we have today. MMOs are no longer limited to kids in the basement grinding away for days at a time. We now have players from all walks of life, all ages, and from both sexes playing together, which in itself has expanded the appeal of MMOs, since they are generally build around the sense of community and team work.

As the player base expands, it creates more opportunities to meet someone interesting that you get along with and can learn from. The reason WoW had me hooked as long as it did had little to do with the content in my final months; I played purely for the love of my guild and the people in it. That attachment would surely have faded much soon had the group not been as diverse and interesting as it was. What this means is that for the final 2-4 months, the reason I paid Blizzard $15 a month had nothing to do with the latest patch or update, they could have done nothing during that time and I would still have logged in each night. Granted the reason we had as great a guild as we did was because WoW was a great game to play together, but at some point the greatness of the game got outshined by the greatness of the people playing it.

It’s with that frame of mind that I look forward to new games to experience; for the chance to once again meet and get to know a wide variety of people, enjoying and experiencing a great game together.

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