EQ2, trial of the neverending download.

Just a quick update, I’m attempting to give EQ2 another shot after reading a few blogs about how its been improved a great deal since release, so I downloaded the new Fay trial. I create an account, and then it begins to download an update.

And downloads.

And downloads.

Oh and then it downloads some more.

And for the last hour now, its estimate time for completion? 4 minutes. It’s been at 4 minutes for the last hour. Awesome, awesome first impression Sony, top notch. All I know is this game better blow me away in the first 10 minutes, because with this ridiculous updating crap, its already started off in a bad light.

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  1. Neato, so it’s not just me… :) I have also recently decided to give EQ2 a try after reading over and over that it’s a great game, better than WoW, etc. I downloaded the trial and went off to take a nap while it downloaded patches. I woke up, restarted the client, and it downloaded more patches… by the point (several hours later) that it seemed to have finished its downloads, I’d burned through my gaming time for the day and haven’t had a chance to revisit it. (I suppose I ought to make time before the trial period runs out…)

  2. Ager says:

    Great blog..

    Have you read the interview with Richard Garriott in Augusts Edge Magazine? Talking about his new MMO Tabula Rasu and the state of MMO’s in general at the moment, interesting, I disagree with a lot he says. If you want to see it let me know and i’ll scan it.


  3. syncaine says:

    I have not Ager. I read his column in PCGamer, although thats always more ‘this is why TB is awesome’ than anything else, but still. I would be interested to read the Edge interview, post it up.

  4. Bardi says:

    Whilst doing the neverending trial update of OMG ness – i thought i would search net to get some idea of how long / how large the scale of what I am trying to download is. I am currently looking at a estimated time of 23hours – I am on 512k broadband and I get my full bandwidth all the time.


    EQ2 should give ppl some idea of what they are in for – not supply them with a 83 meg installer and then bamo 4000 years later. Yes I understand the game is big but give people information so I could make an informed decision of whether or not to download it.

    Lame – with a capital L

  5. Bardi says:

    OK – So I kept on going with the download and the final size of the folder is 4.22 Gig – I had to restart the downloader on one occasion as it seemed to be not making progress on a certain file.

    As I mentioned in prior post, it is a common sense and courtesy to communicate the size of something people are trying to download.

    Hope this helps someone :)

  6. Lou Lou says:

    yeah Bardi it does help thanks hunny, im having the exact same problems huh argh oh well keep trying heh

  7. Curt says:

    I’m on day#2 of the DL. I’m on a 8Mb cable connection! I’ve d/l’ed 7 GB games in less than a day before. A simple xMB/xMB display would be lovely.

  8. Ray says:

    I Had EQII (Original) and Desert of Flames installed by disk and started the download, from what I have been reading on sites that will let you download the client with ALL the up to date Data (For a Large Price of Course) from their High Speed Servers, They are reporting the Download size of 8.43GB ,not really sure how much of that I will have to download but it seems like all of it. Since I have been logging everything the Patcher is doing and it seems to be “Re-Constructing” Files that already exist. So Apparently I didn’t Save any time by installing what I had from Disk since it’s overwriting everything anyways. Just Though I Would Let You All Know A Target Number Size. 8.43GB while it is a Large Download I wouldn’t mind it Too Much if they would send it to me at full speed (would take 2.5 hours) that way I wouldn’t have to repeat the process on my wifes computer and My Laptop.Heck if they would break it up into say 1GB Pieces I would use all 3 of the computers to do simultaneous downloads (using reget to Maximize Speed) and have it done within an hour :)

  9. Profundido says:

    once you do it on 1 computer you can just copy the entire program files\… folder to another computer and execute the patcher located there. It will recreate registry entries and you’re rdy to play in 1 minute.

    BIG NOTE: it recreates registry entries only the first time you execute it and sets the program locations based on first execution!! This means you better make damn sure that your copied EQII folder is in it’s final location before you go in it and execute the launcher

  10. Jay says:

    Just bought EQ2 Rise of Kunark and was told everything was there on the disks i needed to get started playing. Well, i installed it and now……its downloading a buncha stuff on the launcher screen and i cannot even create a character. Support site doesnt explain this…at all. I’ve had the game for 3 days and have not been able to create a character and play at all. Been a real pain. Any ideas? Or, is this normal with the long download after you install?

  11. syncaine says:

    Jay, most likely it is patching to the latest version of RoK. I’m sure a patch has been released since they made the boxed version. The major issue is the patcher itself, the one Sony uses is terribly slow.

    Oh it might be downloading the extra mission packs as well, not 100% sure on that. Just let it run overnight.

  12. joe says:

    ok i been downloading something on the after sign-in menu and its taking forever any ideas on how long it’ll take?first it’ll say one estimated time then it changes gets larger,larger,then back down to a few minutes but then it gets long again.PLEASE HELP!!

  13. Oneup says:

    This is ridiculous. Had my hopes up after about 2 hours when it said 2 minutes left on the update and then what happens? I look away for two seconds and it now says 6+ hours! Is this even worth the trial? It sure better be.

  14. syncaine says:

    Yea the ‘estimated time’ thing is BS on the SoE downloader. It will say 5min left for hours. Sadly that is just how the whole EQ2 trial works, sorry everyone.

  15. Dimebag says:

    Hey guys, I also downloaded the EQ2 trial and found it took an incredibly huge amount of time and stress to get through. At first the time would rise to somthing like 30 hours however, as somone mentioned previosly in the post the problem is fixed if you click cancel and download again this should automaticly shoot to the part of the patch you were on. I have recently purchased the game played for a bit then decided i wanted to switch to an American pvp server. For some reason, just to switch to an American version i am having to download another 1 hour patch :S Anyone have any suggestions as to what this might be? THanks

  16. Dimebag says:

    Oh and also, i did uninstall the “Play The Fae” trial. I don’t know if that uninstalls the whole patch? I bloody hope not :P

  17. Ari says:

    O my god! Its been one day now to download the game….and its still not finished. At first it says 2 hours more then now its like 118 hours! This is insane. Anyone know any other way I can download this game? Through a server or something where i can actually right click and choose “Save link as”. The installer is downloading the files too slow. please anyone know any better way?

  18. syncaine says:

    Sorry Ari, no other way. Just have to let it run until it’s finished.

  19. Kalabin says:

    Well, comething to try. I tried patching it by launching EQ2, much like the rest of your it showed 18-22 hour’s remaining. I am on a 3meg/768Kbit Cable modem. However I went to EQ’s website and snagged their “station” launcher. Now I am supposed to be up and running in 5 hour’s.

    More Details : I was downloading @ 65KB/sec while using the EQ2 launcher, with the Station Launcher im averaging around 140KB/sec, this is provided by a bandwidth monitor that watches traffic via my NIC. Worth giving a shot.

  20. olli says:

    yea i dont like how the top bar looks completely full and theres still like an 1 1/2 hour wait time..but mabey im lucky since some of you have been waiting over a day, though the estimated time might just fool me..i remember when i re-installed wow and had to go through all the patch downloads, it took like mabey 2 hours tops..its been about 3 or 4 hours now.

    really sucks. i hope this game is more entertaining and respectable than what wow offers.

  21. Erin says:

    I think that is why they give you 14 days to try it out, since you will most likely spend a week downloading the trial/patching/etc. So really it’s actually a much shorter trial. That’s why the trail STARTS as soon as you start downloading the game.

  22. Nocor says:

    I just got the 14 day trial, well that isnt quite right i got it yesterday round 2 o’clock
    and i dl all afterrnoon and then all night so a quick calculation : 10 hours yesterday, 9 this morning, total of 19 jhours of downloading, and still got over 5 hours left …
    This gane had better kick some wow ass because other wise it looks like a (very) bad joke!

  23. Vaughn says:

    Agreed, same thing happened to me, it was at less than 30 minutes and i was excited, then it jumped up to 3 hours, I waited 3 hours, and after 2 hours, its up to 17 hours.

    Not impressed.
    They should have an in game client that only downloads things that you need at each moment, like a bufferer.

  24. Nick says:

    I just checked my internet connection speed using speakeasy, and I hit 15mbps DL…. AND THIS GOD DAMN GAME IS GOING TO TAKE 5 MORE HOURS IT SAYS…. IT’S ALREADY BEEN 14 HOURS OF WAITING!!!!!!!!! WTF SONY…. makes me really questing if the game could be worth it, I mean I played WoW for several months earlier and I DLed the whole game in like 2 hours, with a solid 2mbps DL…. So that means the Blizzard can do it… SO WHY CAN’T SONY GET THEIR SHIT TOGETHER AND LET YOU DL THE FREAKING GAME IN LESS THEN 50 DAYS!!!!

    Really very disappointing, I was hoping to try the game sometime this century. And to cap the whole thing off, they make you sign up for the trial prior to the DL, so every second that it DLs it’s burning through its trial.

  25. This is bullcrap says:

    I spent 18 hour downloading, So I closed my Launcher and re-opened it a couple times and it went back to 19 hours, and none of the blue bar was full. I sure hope to god it didn’t start all the way over because you closed the stupid launcher, But yes, this is very poor quality and they should tell how much of the patch you downloaded out of the total amount rather then skippy times, Its a bunch of bull$$$$

  26. arashi says:

    My estimated time is 156 hours, stuck on the last patch on one voice over. I have had the game after EoF expansion pack, needed my comp on for 3 1/2 days, worth it if youn into MMOs. Now i can’t DL the patches and such because of my new firewall that makes a pop-up saying allow or don’t allow every 30 minutes, and if i dont click allow i need to restart the patcher from the begining, and i can’t set it too remember to allow, so i need to check every 25 minutes day and night to make it work. Total bullshit, in my opinoin best MMO out there and takes days literaly to DL.

  27. cooliodude says:

    i know it was so boring then when the update was done it was logging in and it went black and went to my main screen i found out the directx i didnt download correctly so i reinstalled it all over then it finaly worked but then it broke down its like it crashes every second but now ive been play for a month now its really fun its actually worth it the graphics wowowowow outstanding well see ya

  28. nome name needed says:

    it’s strange because every time i watch the download it works fine but when i leave dose sony know and make the download even longer wtf

  29. Wowzer says:

    Wow people do something with your lives and stop watching games patch! jeez!

  30. Paul says:

    Well i got the 3.6gb trial off fileplanet, tried the 83mb PLay the Fae trial but that downloaded 400mb just to start downloading everything else and was apparently gonna take 56hrs on a 2Mb Cable connection

    So i went to Fileplanet and they have a 3.6Gb Trial that took 3hrs in itself thanx to there slow Max Speed Servers.

    but the EQ2 is still gonna take atleast 6hrs to update, preovided the estimate is remotely accurate. Hope it’s not more than 8GB all up or i’m stuffed for 8days with no download limit left.

    Tried updating through the Station Launcher but that downlaods the whole figgin game to the folder b4 the one i selected as containing the game. I never let it get far so can only assume it would redownloaded the whole game again “Stupid Programme:”

    ie, i installed to D:\Games\Everquest 2 and told Station Launcher as such, it still insisted on puting the files in D:\Games\

    As someone else said, it better be worth it.

  31. Stephen says:

    Hmm came back after a year to this game with a new computer.

    Got my new computer 28 hours ago
    Started download 26 hours ago
    Time left 6 hours(SUUURE)

  32. Stephen says:

    oh wait no now its at 8 hours left WOOT!

    That would be a 37 hour download

  33. nodyt says:

    download every expansion and adventure pack in 3 hours dont know what going on with you guys. and sometimes it helps to restart the patcher or diasable some of the optional content.

  34. nodyt says:

    btw my typing blows

  35. Ricky says:

    i been patching for 4-5 days now and its not funny you get excited when the bar completes thinking finally and ehr… hello new loading bar lol. i think they should let you download patches from there website and just unzip the beasts!

  36. Ricky says:

    wait better idea all i need is a gun and someone in charge of this.

  37. James says:

    Yeah, this new Station Launcher is absolute garbage. I’ve been taking advantage of their freeplay summer deal but boy has it been a headache. Starting off, the Launcher seems to crash at random for me. I think I started on Aug 10, about halfway through it got stuck on a checksum error. After finding no help on their forums or anywhere else, I bit the bullet and restarted the whole thing. Hurray, finally finished on Aug 15, made my character, played, enjoyed. ‘Nuff said.


    Yesterday, I fell through the world at the Thundering Steppes docks. After coming in to the zone from Antonica, there was no problem, so I headed from that zoneline to the docks. Ground was still missing and since my Call Home was still unrefreshed from when I first used it…(The port to the safe spot after I fell through the world put me in an entirely blacked out room of some sort, so I had to port home) At any rate, I decided that perhaps a full scan would fix the missing textures. WRONG. It broke my install. The only reason I didn’t have to reinstall the whole stupid thing again was thanks to a good friend who actually sent me the 3 MP3 files the patcher “couldn’t find”….now I’ve been re-updating for the last 8 hours…time estimate hasn’t changed at all from its initial guess of 2:30:45.

    What a piece of crap SoE. Lucky you have such a dedicated playerbase because this is ridiculous. Why didn’t they just pay Valve and get it added to Steam? At least then it would of been dependable.

  38. Vinu says:

    Hey Guys!! Can any one of you who has already downloaded the free trial can put the whole stuff in some sharing sites like 4shared.com or esnips.com…….so that everyone should not face the same problem….I dont know whether its possible or not….but if possible please do it….

    I shall be highly obliged…

    Thanks & Regards

  39. Rahvin says:

    Yeah, basically when you download the free trial, you are still downloading the entire game. This is why it takes so long. However, the upside of it is, if you do enjoy the game and upgrade to the non trial game, it wont take very long.

    Even if you have all the discs for every expansion you are still going to have to download. They come out with patches to fix problems, and trust me, its good that they do. If you want to play a game with no patches, play Vanguard and you will get annoyed at the lack of concern from the makers to fix the problems.

    However, yeah i agree that they should look into another form of updating. The launch Pad is fine if your just downloading the lastest patches. Ive just had to reinstall the game and it is a 10 hour ordeal. Ive been playing this game for over 4 years and have had to re-install a few times due to computer troubles, and getting a new computer. Installing can be quite painful.

  40. MM says:

    Good info here. Thank you for posting it. You just saved me a wasted night of attempting to ‘Try the game’ tonight. I will keep researching it and if it seems like a good fit I will just go buy the damn thing and shave a day off of downloading time. :)

    Thanks again.

  41. berry says:

    I just bought it tonight the entire damn thing and it says 58 hours to download. Geez

  42. asd says:

    I have downloaded it for …..at least 48 hours now. I’m not really sure anymore <.<
    The top bar with total prgoress has been full for about half the time I’ve been downloading so I’m clueless of what my progress on the download is….

    like someone above:

    Lame with capital L…<.<

  43. trevor kelly says:

    hey guys i have a problem i jus bought everquest2 rise of kunark a few weeks ago at bestbuy and i installed it and everything but it still says im on a trial i thought to my self this is BS i spent $21 dollors on this freaken game and it tells me im on a trial im mean dont get me me wrong eq2 is my favorite game but come on if really wanted to be on a free trial i would have jus gone to eq2 website and download the free trial but no i wanted the real game so i buy it and its the same shit i get wen i download the free trial this is the most fuccked up shiit ever so basically my 21 dollors went down the drain perchising this BS game so if anyone would be glad to help me i would really appreciated thank u for your time

  44. BigSeba says:

    Hey there.. just curious..

    Trialed out EQ2 (yes it takes a few decades to download!) but then had the game bought for me by a mate.. went back into it (didnt use disk, just used registration code) and after going back onto it via Station Launcher it is updating a load (an by a LOAD i mean like 9hrs or something!)

    I believe its downloading the additional features that you dont get on the trial account.. however wouldnt it be much faster to simply install these files from the disk? If so has anyone any idea the files it is downloading for me?? Thanks!

  45. devon says:

    i bought this game the day after christmas i downloaded it on my comp and i waited i left it on and waited it downloaded something and than woot kept on downloading i dont know wha t to do i just wanna play the game thats it i just wanna play the game IS THAT SO MUCH TO ASK FOR TO PLAY THE GAME damn gimme a taste of it i just wanna create a character or something ive just been staring at this loading screen for 4 DAYS NOW!!!! im about to shoot myself theres gotta be another way

  46. JONAH says:

    Hey Devon i am on the same page as you, this download is taking forever, i just wanna play thats it

  47. JONAH says:

    maybe if i had faster internet, like 20 mbps it would go faster, right now i have 1mbps so that suckss

  48. josh says:

    i wanted to re install eq2 but i didnt have the disks any more so iwent ot the eq2 website to reinstall it and it took 4 mins to install the game…. but that left the launch pad download…. i was ready for an over night wait.. but itso nly been 25 mins at the most and the patcher was at 4 seconds to go with the download bar basically filled up and just as i was about to celebrate it jumped up to 1 hour 21 mins

  49. JM says:

    I just re bought EQ2 with the new expansion and all previous ones. I stopped playing for about 2 years but now im back and after installing the game form the 2 supplied DVD-ROM disks it said i had to wait 20 hours and some odd minutes. After letting it download all night I wake up to find that it canceled itself somehow. This has happened about 30 times. I’m on a 15MB DL speed connection and now everytime i start the launcher it estimates about 9 hours of content to DL. I ahve all optional content turned off yet I see it DLing voicepaks still. At any rate the download gets to about 80% done every time….9 hours later and just hangs on the same file and just keeps adding about 3 seconds every 2 seconds onto the timer.

    This is getting very annoying and uncalled for, I renewed my subscription 7 days ago and have yet to be able to log in to use my old characters because of SOE’s spoblematic programs.

  50. paul says:

    i just bouth the eq2 starter park, started downloading at 1pm yesterday and its still at 10 hours, my whole status bar is full so i thought it would be done, but its not, can anyone tell me the download time usually for the starter pack for eq2

  51. Ryan says:

    Hi Paul,

    I have bought the Everquest 2 game (NOT TRIAL), and installed the game, logged onto the sony site, selected my payment method etc…and thought I might be ready to.

    I selected the option where I don’t get the high lvl expansions (I think it was like 24 bucks or something), and pay $17 per month or something.

    I download at about 2560 kbps, and it suggests that I will probably be downloading for 24 hours (AFTER BOTH DISKS WERE INSTALLED).

    That being said, if you buy it up front, and don’t use the trial, they waive the 1st months payment debit, so I guess that’s some form of compensation,

    I want to create my Human Shadowknight already !

    I Assume your up and running now by the way mate. What do you think?

  52. Ryan says:

    Sorry, should have added, this is what I got (and is downloading for my 24 bucks):-
    1. Base Game
    2. All three adventure packs
    3. All four expansions up to Rise of Kunark
    4. 30 days of game time for free (for new players only)

    In this package, I missed out on:-
    1. 5th expansion where characters can 50th to 80th lvl (I’ll see if I actually like the game before I get this)
    2. Legends of Norrath Digital Card game, with a taking flight loot card, starter deck and booster pack for the Oathbreaker set (whatever this is???)

    PS: I’m going to miss Hellgate London.

  53. Helma says:

    did anyone downloads finish yet, can you give me a time?

  54. Tori Gregory says:

    Im on day 3 of about 20 on the EQ1 DL. Est. remaining time as of now :285 hours, 56min, 4 secs. GAWD!!

  55. Energyzer Bunny says:

    Ok im on day 1 of EQ 2 Trial download and i got to the end of the download and it just keeps going on and on and on and on and on i feel likke writing a letter to sony maybe they will do sumthing about it………….. worste experience with sony………….

  56. Anteyehero9 says:

    I have a question, I’ve read about the progress bars. However, once you exit the program and restart it, the top progress bar restarts to the beginning as well. I’m thinking that it doesn’t mean that I have to restart my progress since I have about 6gb downloaded so far.

    Also, does the top bar mean the total download progress, or the progress for a section such as an expansion?

    • The BooB says:

      yeah it only means its downloading predefined sections and the blue bar restarts when a new section starts downloading.

  57. Dennis says:

    I have decided to give EQ2 another try. I stopped playing in March of 08. I dug my old computer out and copied all the old EQ2 files over to my new computer in hopes of expediting the process. No dice! I started patching last night at about 11pm. I’m now still reading about 6 hours to go. This is insane. I will post an update if this updating ever ends.

  58. Josh says:

    Anyone know how big the file is suppost to be ive been running this download for 3 days and its still nto done the Eq2 file is like 3.22 Gigs right now

  59. br3tt says:

    I started this download yesterday. Estimated time was 13 hours, went to sleep and let the download run. Woke up when it had about 6 minutes left, BAM, back to 13 hours. Sony is the midas touch of poo.

  60. boscar says:

    I started this monstrosity 2 days ago. Earlier today i had 30 minutes left according to the updater, then it randomly shot up to 1100+ hours? I have read most of the posts on this thread.

    File size > 6.13gb (could be around 9.9gb according to some)
    Avg download rate of cable users from the server less than 80 k/s

    Try using the station launcher, rather than using the “play the fae” launcher. I closed the download (it scans your files then continues the download) to see if i could get it to go faster with random luck. – No dice. However, I closed it again then opened the station launcer and clicked on EQ2. It did another scan then asked what directory to install. I clicked on the one where I already had it partially downloaded, and it started to update. This time its a totally different program window (blue) and says the update will be done in 2.5 hours. It even gives me a percentage of what there is left to download. 11% done.

    haha in the time it took to type this it went from 2.5 to 4.5.


  61. Yo Wtf Dawg says:

    lol ive been on this dl for 2 hours now just chillen, and its got down to 8 mins left now it says 9 hours plus, longest download ill probably ever experience

  62. Yo Wtf Dawg says:

    its 9:46pm right now still hasnt downloaded……..

  63. Yo Wtf Dawg says:

    11:24 right now, says 3 hours left, but i doubt it

  64. Chazb says:

    My Sony folder is up to 5.6Gb, good thing it is a 14 day trail, It takes the first 7 to download. I started this yesterday around this time, 24 hours non stop downloading, There HAS to be a better way, and sad to say that if this any indication as to how future patches would go, EQ you have already lost me as a customer – haven’t even seen the game yet.

  65. Nephthy says:

    Im upto 5.58 gig so fare and its saying 22 hours left im on my 3rd day of downloading :( and i hope my last but we will see :p

  66. Nephthy says:

    Im geting flashbacks of what it was like downloading exp packs in EQ1 on 56k all them years ago :( where are my pills :p

  67. Duck says:

    Been at the download since Monday night (Wednesday afternoon now)and my folder is up to 8GBs now with 4 hours remaining…

  68. Nephthy says:

    Get the launcher i went from a 22 hour update to 12 hours so i should be able to play tonight when the kids and wife go to bed :)

  69. Moloch says:


    Just ridiculous.

    If I did my job like Sony’s “engineers” I would go to prison likely for the rest of my life. Really.

    That idiot Smedley, if he’s still around, needs to be forced to watch as his family is shot in the street. One of them for every day that passes while he fails to fix this issue. That should work for motivation.

  70. bomberman says:

    yeah got 10 hours left on my download,so it tells me.Was going try it out,play the trial for a bit. Going stop download now.Thats silly,oh well one less subscriber for eq2.

  71. TornACL says:

    4 of us have played World of Warcraft for the past 1-2 years. In looking for another game, we have experienced the following:
    Vanguard- impossible to DL or crashes.
    Dark age of Camelot- impossible to DL.
    EQ2-impossible to DL.
    What a friggin joke! The dl times are rediculous and pathetic. WOW may not be everyones game but these idiots running the above games sure love to push us back to World of Warcraft. :)

  72. Waaaaaagh! says:

    Ugh. I downloaded the trial, the Station thingy. I started the download yesterday. The estimated time first said 2 hours, then changed to 8 hours, then 23 hours and finally, when I woke up this morning after leaving the PC on overnight (& covered so the light doesn’t keep me awake) it had jumped up to a whopping 103 hours!

    I’m giving this download thing one more shot. If it pulls this stuff again I will avoid EQ & EQ2 like the plagues they are.

  73. Frotus says:

    36 hours of downloading over 3MBiT+ Comcastic… This is funny, reminds me why i swore to never play SoE games again. I heard EQ2 changed so much such failure launch when i played for 2 months.. So here I am giving it a try, jokes on me..

    Maybe I should get EQ Titanium and play on a private server and be done with the MMO search for the EQ glory day feel..

  74. loverat says:

    I played for about 18 months from launch, then played WoW for a year and have been playing Vanguard since beta, but I have the urge to revisit EQ2.

    At 5am this morning it said 1 hour to go, so I went to bed to read for an hour and then got up to check…..now its 198 hours =) Lol. It doesn’t help that I am in “download deprived* Australia and hit my monthly 25 gig cap last night – now limited to downloading at some pissy limited rate.

    God why can’t they just release a torrent every 3 months or so – updating wouldn’t be half as painful. Obviously they need a woman in charge of these things at SOE =P

  75. Patrick says:

    Hi guys,

    I just downloaded the everquest 2 trial on a 20mbs fiber optic cable connection but wireless, with 1.8mbs download speed it downloaded in 5h, the station luncher sucks as it gives decent speed then goes to half of that when you turn your back lol.

    If you restart it gives a decent speed again but just drops again after maybee 20 mins to 300kbs estimate

    Also I have SWG complete online adventures Retial so when I want to play that I install from disk, pay , then when in station luncher it gives a selection to install.
    Scan computer…
    Fresh install…
    Download, etc..
    Goto scan and put in your Fresh SWG install from disk path e.g
    C:\Program Files\Sony\SWG

    It finds files, Scans the whole Install and updates from there.

    Now Im only on my 3rd day but, can I pay for a 30 day Everquest 2 timecard after trial and im good? or have I to buy retail or download retail for more cash than a 30 day timecard?

    Sony.. Pay steam seriousley…. its good for us all

  76. Anonymous says:

    Another reason why WoW is clearly better quality the EQ2 and how blizzard acctually cares about letting there customers play the product

  77. Jason fox says:

    OMG ok well how long did it take you guys in the end :P

  78. Ngo Dien Diem says:

    I’ve reinstalled the game a couple times, with both the Shadow Odyssey and the RoK disks. Yes there is a bit of a wait, the installer downloads all the patches post when the disc set you install went gold, which in many cases can be several hundred megs of data and applies each patch independently. Word of advice, if you are behind a firewall, make sure your UDP and FTP settings are set to allow for Sony’s updater. Unlike WoW that uses a torrent style downloader and sharing system, each user has their own connection for downloads. The longest d/l I ever experienced was about 4 hours on a 3mb dsl, probably would have gone faster if I hadn’t been streaming Netflix while patching. Considering the full game after patches is around 16gb that is still not a bad speed. Most of these slow downloads are going to be attributed to bad network setup, low end machines taking excessively long to apply the patches, or firewalls and/or antivirus suites causing problems. Make sure you set your Windows firewall to allow EQ2 and as stated above, check your router’s udp and port forwarding settings to ensure TCP and UDP settings are correct. As far as the game goes, ive played both EQ2 and WoW since they launched, and in general EQ2 has a much more mature player base, and generally more helpful and friendly players. The game is well designed and offers much greater control and customization over your characters. The UI is extremely customizable and intuitive.

  79. Ngo Dien Diem says:

    Patched 2 pc’s simultaneously after fresh install, both on same dsl connection through a router.

    Machine 1:
    Intel i7 965 Extreme, 12gb Corsair Dominator gddr3 ram, 15k rpm SAS drives, Geforce GTX 295, Vista 64bit home premium
    Total update time: 2h 35min

    Machine 2:
    AMD Phenom II X4, 4gb gddr2, 10k rpm WD Raptor drives, ATI 4870×2, Vista 64bit home premium
    Total update time: 4h 15min

    Apparently the machine does make a significant difference when it comes to the actual application and processing of the patch.

    Both Machines connected to the same router on AT&T 3mb DSL and download started at exactly the same time.

  80. wish i didnt pay says:

    Well I use vista for my computer and installed “echoes of faydwer” and for some odd reason it only required 2 out of 3 DVD’s. Couldnt update unless i had a active account. I then got my old account active and for some odd reason it wouldnt patch. found out the game didnt install right. uninstall and reinstalled about 3 time and no help, i then tried the redownload stream from EQ2.com it said at first 3 hour when it got down to 8:27 sec it would go back to 8:30 left everytime, I then stoped the download and redownloaded from where it left off, now it says i have 6 more hours to download… Im now at 4:33:41 time left… I’m sick of the game already.. I want a dam refund for wasting all my time today…

  81. Sigh says:

    I really wish I had read these comments before even attempting the download. Subscription cancelled before 3%.

  82. jason says:

    Gimme a break whiners holy mother of god my eyes are bleeding from the whining. i was formerly a wow addict and a serious end game raider and wow with expansions and patches takes longer then this has so far. 2 hours and im already 28% done and this is with the station launcher it is waaaay faster then wow. i once reinstalled wow and had it take 72+ hours. just get the launcher….news flash mmo’s that have been around for awhile are huge downloads when you count all the updates every game will be the same have some patience

  83. Mike says:

    There was a problem confirming the size of the file C:\Program Files\Sony\EverQuest II\lp_temp\mozilla\res\hiddenWindow.html. Please try again. If the problem persists use the Help menu above for more info and help.

    Keep getting this screen over and over, have deleted/re-installed when downloading the trial version, any idea how to fix this?

  84. Juleulven says:

    This is RIDICULOUS …. i’ve tried downloading the game now for 2 days… yesterday i had it open from 1500 to 2300 and got to 45%.

    Then i closed the station manager and tought heh.. heck ill continue tomorrow…

    but noooooo …. it restarted… now after 4 hours im on 4%
    This is by FAR the WORST download program…. but ok useraccount verification, password changes and how stable that works should be an eyeopener…

    but i guess i hoped they got their shit together after that Vanguard disaster…

  85. keegan says:

    well shit i just got the trial and all these posts of how long it takes to download are bumming me out..

  86. Gregg says:

    man you guys are impatient.

    First off, I just downloaded the trial, and the total time was about 30 hours or so for me. So just start it when you go to bed or work.

    Second, the WoW trial took me way longer to download and patch. And was just riddled with problems. WoW support has been shown to be worthless time and time again. Just read up on some of the issues from the support forum.

    I am not comparing the games themselves, but as far as the trial download goes, if you can’t wait a couple days to start playing a game then you seriously need to consider getting a life.

  87. I agree with Greg. Don’t judge a game by it’s download time – it’s only gonna get worse as MMOs get bigger and bigger! You’ve got 5 years of expansions to download you know.

  88. Avis says:

    Five years of expansions or not, it shouldn’t take so long to download. Thirty straight hours of downloading at only 500 Kb/s would be nearly 50 gigs of information, which means the problem is either incredibly inefficient installation, overwriting the same information dozens of times over, or slow uploading on their end.

  89. Jack says:

    hi there yes im haveing some bad prolems to with this trial ive been downloading all day ysteray then got tired of waiting so closed launchergot up next day and decided ok lets just do it!!! so 8 hours later the blue bar is at end like 8 minutes to go look away and look back again its back up to 8 hours like 10mins later the blue bar has gone back dwn to the start and says like 1000+ hours and im on AOL with a 30MB router!!!! I MEAN WTF C’MON!!!

  90. Loxter says:

    I downloaded the trial for eq2 it’s been 20 hours. it went down to 5 minutes.

    More patches?? 17 hours more!!!!!!!!

  91. kaliver says:

    took about 13 hours from start to finish for me. a long time? yes. but understandable? yeah. it was downloading the entire freaking game.

  92. gazi says:

    hmm still downloading the patch :( dont know how much time it will take already have 15 hrs of downloading and the patcher still shows 7hrs to go..will wait for one more day :)sony realy rocks

  93. ropeable says:

    Est. Time Remaining: 966:57:26
    I have a screenshot to prove it.
    I’ve been having dreams involving brutal murders.
    The f###ing ‘download as you play’ buttons dont do squat, either. I love how it says ‘min. 56k internet connection required’ on the case. Hate Murder Kill Destroy. This game better give me multiples…

  94. ropeable says:

    oh and have i mentioned yet that im on a 512 connection and have been dl-ing for 2 days?


  95. ropeable says:

    can someone please post the full size of the ‘paks’ folder containing all .vpk files?
    mine currently stands at 7.99GB at a total of 1058 files.

    basically im wondering how far through this ridiculously long updating i am :p

    it will also give others who come here to complain an idea of what they can expect, since this is probably the best ‘discussion’ on the massive update that ive been able to locate on the net.


  96. ropeable says:

    I’m guessing it’ll be just over 10bg. maybe 10.5-11gb. that is according to what i downloaded last night pitted against the total download indicator bar. That’s utterly ridiculous. This better be worth it.

  97. chris says:

    I am not having any of the issues described above whatsoever, except for the amount of time it takes to download with the updates for the trial game.
    It started out as I think 15 hours, and now i am at 8 hours on a 1.7 Mbps speed/ 200KBps.

    The launcher is not having any difficulty telling me the remaining time and the install bar is at where it should be and not full giving me the wrong impression.

    Btw WOW took me hours to also install the current wow game client. And quite frankly wow takes a long time to build your character in if you include your professions and don’t use an addon like i did for the first 3 weeks. It also does seem to appeal to a lot of younger players who at times make the game experience poor with their very immature behavior.

  98. chris says:

    Sorry, just got burnt out on the Galakrond server in wow…felt like ranting.

  99. Rastumple Skullcrusher says:

    Took me many days of nonstop bandwidth-hogging awesomeness to download the patch history. I installed the original EQ2 game minus expansions, and updated from there. IMO EQ2 is heaps better than WoW for exactly that fact, Chris. I play EQ2 on the Runnyeye server because the load there is low. There are only about 100 people on there when I play (Day time Australia = Night time USA). It’s good stuff. I love this game. Filters also help. If you don’t want to read certain channels, you can uncheck the box and they will no longer show.

    As for how much there is to download, the final size of my Sony folder (prior to the September 8, 2009 patch update), is 11.1GB, meaning there’s roughly 5GB to download since the EQ2 basic (original) installation is roughly 6GB.

    Yes, it’s a lot. Yes, it’s worth it (IMO).

  100. Ivoreth says:

    Hmm … How many time should I able to read EQ2 manual, if game download is about 11 GB with 8:30 to 10:45 download time ?

  101. Ivoreth says:

    Atleast they can use some better technology like P2P to allow users to properly manage downloads.

  102. nicole says:

    I agree w/ everyone. I do not know if I am even doing this right. I installed 9 disks on Thursday, it is Sunday now, and still like 30 hours to go. When this is done, there will probably be more hours to go. The EQ2 folder is up to 15g.b so how can this be possible?

  103. james braselton says:

    hi there you are right why are you keep saying hard core games are getting too long too down load a game the lag time is long too loading a game level takes too long and you wont let triple ssds solid state flash drives or tripple 10,000 or 15,000 rpm we could reduce download time with 102.11z at 2.4 tb/s or 2.4 terabytes per second down load and have faster gaming reduced lag time and reduce loading time per level

  104. John says:

    Some words here.

    1. The problem for most is not the size of the download, it’s the ridiculously slow station launcher speeds. This thing would not max out a crappy broadband connection let alone a good one.

    2. As much as I also hate WoW. The updating IS easier. Also it was much faster for me, just due to torrenting being able to reach max bandwidth for me.

    3. The download bar is misleading. It is constantly umping up and down the bar for me. Which it also did during the update of the launcher itself. I’m not having any “issues”, just confirming what others have said.

    4. Same thing as 3 with estimated time left. Constant rubber banding.

    5. The launcher DOES, i repeat, it DOES, seem to either slow down, or not download at all if your computer is in an idle state. I.E. screensaver, black screen cause your monitor automatically shut off. I don’t know of this is true or not but it was extremely noticeable for me. Like it would move 1/4 of a bar an entire day of it idling and then in the hour I was on it, it would go up an entire bar.

    6. Again as much as I hate WoW, they do offer the download as you play option where you are only downloading the zones and things you see and need to play while you play.

    Overall, while I understand the size of the download, I am not impressed at with the patcher. I would be hard pressed to find a worse one IMHO. This says nothing about the game, we will see how that is when this thing finishes.

    For credibility I have a bachelors in computer science – theoretical track (math intensive).

  105. adobe123 says:

    ok im jost here 2 tipe WORLD OF WARCRAFT is much much betta exept for the fairies and frogies!

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  107. WTF? says:

    wtf this game is fucken shit i canceled my other download for runes of magic that took me 3 fucken days to download and having read comments on how this games owns this shit i decide to give it a shot only to find i out i blew my god damn rune of magic for an 11.5 gig fuck! WTF?!!

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  109. LOL…. sorry, don’t mean to be a jerk. I played FFXI years and years ago, and we complained about the same stuff then: ages and ages of time downloading patches… not just once for say a week, but EVERY time you logged on. It was like playing russian roulette wondering if the next day of wanting to play you were going to sit on your hands watching progress bars as it downloaded for hours. If you logged on with no patches you literally felt some benevolent deity had deemed you worthy of some joy now and then.

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