EVE GMs, EQ2 graphics.

Just some quick notes today, as the weekend was mostly sports filled. (Patriots wiping the floor with the Chargers and the Redsox… well the Redsox are 4.5 games up)

A big ‘thank you’ to a GM of EVE who reset a mission for me within 15 minutes of submitting the petition; that must have been the fastest response and quickest resolution I’ve received in a MMO. No questions asked, no ‘fluff’ text slowing the resolution down, just a quick note that the mission has been reset. Also of note was the EVE help channel, in which I got a few quick responses and ultimately got pointed towards submitting a petition. It’s a nice breath of fresh air in an MMO to actually receive help when you ask. Playing WoW for as long as I did, I forgot that’s a possibility.

I also went out and bought two copies of EQ2 Complete, marking the official start for me and my gf in that game. One Dark Elf Inquisitor and a Ratonga Brigand ready to go. Somewhat interesting is that EQ2 runs at around 25fps on my high end comp at the ‘max’ setting no matter the resolution picked. I started it at 1280 x 1024 just to get a baseline for the FPS, and finally increased it to 1900 x 1200. Oddly enough, the FPS difference was less than 4 fps according to FRAPS. It seems that the EQ2 engine has a few features not yet fully optimized, such as a fauna option that if checked chokes the FPS down to 10fps, regardless of anything else. (I forget the name of it now, but the one that makes fauna move when you pass it) Even the highest setting leaves this features disabled however, and leaves a few of the graphic sliders near mid, not max. Just to play around, I maxed and checked everything possible, and the game was close to a slideshow whenever more than 5-6 characters were on screen. Very odd for a game that is now 3 years old, especially if you compare it to WoW or EVE, which run at 60 FPS with everything maxed for me. The graphic style however is starting to grow on me, and I must say the combat animations are top notch, along with the few spell effects I’ve seen. I’m curious to see how the game expands into the higher levels, when more skills and options are made available.

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  1. Lars says:

    Yeah, someone in the EQ2 forums said that the EQ2 engine isn’t that great. It doesn’t utilize the GFX card to its maximum but uses the CPU for too many things. But even more worse is the fact that the engine doesn’t make use of multicores either :-)

  2. syncaine says:

    That could explain why EQ2’s FPS is not really effected by screen resolution, but is by things like fauna, if its loading it all through the CPU. Too bad about the engine not using multicores either, wonder how much that would help…

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