More offline gaming goodness.

I had somewhat of a quiet weekend, dominated by watching sports. The good news is the Pats are 6-0 and by far the most dominant team in the NFL. The not so good news is the Sox lost on Saturday in a game they really should have won.

As for gaming, I played a good bit of Neverwinter Nights 2, getting my character to level 9 and working my way through the main campaign. As I mentioned in my previous post, there are some advantages to playing a single player game after being almost MMO exclusive for so long, and I realized another advantage over the weekend; the ability to play the game at your own pace, and not really worrying about how your character stacks up to others. In an MMO your character is constantly compared to others, be it gear, your spec, or your class/race choice. Offline, you are free to create whatever silly combination you want, and at no point will anyone tell you that you made a mistake and created a gimped character. This aspect has made NWN2 more enjoyable for me, as I no longer worry about maxing out my party and using every item to it absolute max. I load it up, go talk to some NPCs, and quest lag free in the world Bioware and Obsidian have crafted. It’s almost like a vacation from my normal gaming routine, and I’m enjoying it.

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