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Holding Pattern.

Dear snow, thanks for that four hour drive yesterday. Nothing like leaving work early, at 2pm, and finally getting home at 6pm. That was awesome… On to a happy topic, gaming, I find myself in somewhat of a standstill. Currently … Continue reading

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NWN2 finished, final thoughts.

I finally finished the original campaign in Neverwinter Nights 2, and overall the game was well worth the time. The game had some very challenging spots, a great story, and enough twists and surprises to make it worthwhile to finish. … Continue reading

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Gameplay vs crashing, when to call it quits?

If a game is giving you technical difficulties, be it low FPS, distortion, texture errors, freezing or crashing, at what point do you just get fed up and quit? That’s my current dilemma with NWN2, as I’m deep into chapter … Continue reading

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Halloween and Bioware, but not related.

Just a quick note about NWN2: Make sure to complete the Blade Golem quest in the original campaign, the dialog from Grobnar (the gnome bard) is priceless. Really good stuff, well worth the bit of effort it takes to track … Continue reading

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NWN2 praise, EQ2 bashing.

NWN2 is awesome. So fanboi-ish, I know, but I’m really having a great time with the game, issues and all. ***Minor Spoiler Alert*** I finally made it to the keep, and so far so good. I was not able to … Continue reading

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Mythos beta, and more NWN2

Ah what a weekend. Redsox in the world series, Patriots 7-0 and blowing everyone out, BC ranked #2 in the country, the Celtics season about to start with the new big three, and the Bruins… well I think the Bruins … Continue reading

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Group work.

When I think of Dungeons and Dragons, one of the first things that come to mind is a group of players sitting around a table and adventuring together. From its very foundation D&D is designed to be a group activity. … Continue reading

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