PoTBS stress test, let me in!

Just a quick note today; Pirates has another stress test open, but currently it’s only available to Fileplanet subscribers, which does not include me. Hopefully that changes soon, as PoTBS is a game I would like to try, but it’s not a game I am sold on yet, nor would I buy the box at release without playing a trial.

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3 Responses to PoTBS stress test, let me in!

  1. Lucifrank says:

    Speaking of PoTBS, weren’t the preorder boxes supposed to be shipped this week? I’m not sold lock, stock, and barrel on this title quite yet and tend not to preorder games after being burnt way too many times, but I’m almost willing to take the gamble if only for the CD’s worth of sea shanties.

  2. LadyPao says:

    I thought I heard Nov 23 for the new pre-order box date. I didn’t know about the sea chanties! Bonus!
    I did manage to get in the last stress test for about 5 minutes, enough to create a character and captain a ship briefly. I thought it looked very good. The sea battle I was in was slow and took a good bit of tactical thought. That is right up my alley, but I don’t think it will be for everyone.

  3. LadyPao says:

    FYI, it’s open to anyone who is a *member* of FilePlanet, which just requires signing up. I’m downloading it (again) now, and I am just a member. (Subscribers pay the monthly fee)

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