The good old days, reborn

A few days ago I re-subbed to WoW, along with grabbing another account for my girlfriend. We created two Draenei characters, a Shaman (me) and a Mage (her), and starting our trek towards 70, with the goal of hitting one instance each week with some of my former guildmates. They also created new characters, most having to re-sub as well.

Its funny how quickly old memories flood you when you start up WoW again. The music around the portal login screen, the ‘ding’ sound, the interface, everything just hits you all at once. Going back to something I dedicated such a large portion of my life to is certainly an interesting experience. Even being back in a chat channel and seeing familiar character names is nice.

Of course, things are very different this time around. Most of us can no longer afford to do crazy stuff like:

  • Take a day off from work
  • Pull an all-nighter farming dreamfoil
  • Being absolutely smashed on Vent, on a Tuesday, around 6pm.
  • Using your last $15 to sub to WoW instead of buying food
  • And… well basically anything Nieco has ever done related to WoW. (yes, inside Guild joke)

But so far, we are all just having a good time, playing a game together as a group once again. This time at a far less serious pace, playing more for the people than the game.

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3 Responses to The good old days, reborn

  1. Nieco says:

    Helllllzzz yeah… I might get back into that routine though if I’m not careful.. I had to cash advance for rent today…. But ya know… I can pay for wow :P.

  2. Sean says:

    That actually sounds like a lot of fun, I have seriously been kicking around the idea myself for a bit, still undecided.

  3. tenfoldhate says:

    Funny. I was out at a bar last night with two friends who both played WoW with me about two years back. None of us play anymore. I got burnt out from doing the raiding thing at a time in my life when I had a lot more leisure time on my hands, another friend just kind of faded out because of RL stuff on his plate, and the second friend followed the course I did of inevitable endgame burnout a year after I’d canceled my sub.

    We all got a little nostalgic and began to bat around the idea of coming back, starting level one toons, and playing very casually one night a week for a couple hours. It might be the time of year since the days are shorter and it’s getting chilly. I kind of hope we end up doing it. Nice post.

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