EVE patched, looks so good…

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  1. Paul says:

    Don’t reboot! the patch might delete boot.ini. check to make sure it’s still around!

  2. I hope you didn’t reboot, man…

  3. Wilhelm2451 says:

    I’m sorry, what exactly “looks so good?” Did I download the wrong update? The ships… well, it is like watching porn on HDTV… that much detail just ruins the fantasy.

    I downloaded, but I did not reboot.

    Didn’t Clinton say that?

  4. syncaine says:

    Yea I have yet to reboot as well. When I get home I’ll have to check that out. Crazy how they could release something like that…

    As for the looks, stations look amazing compared to the old versions, both outside and inside. Be sure to turn on HDR and Bloom, it makes a huge difference.

    Ships might be more of a personal thing, but I love the look of the Rohk, which was the only ship I flew last night. Enemy ships also looks good though. I think at first people will be upset/thrown off by some of the changes, but in a week or so once the ‘newness’ wears off people will realize the nice difference.

    Oh, and porn in hd is great.

  5. Swift Voyager says:

    I’m really impressed by the changes. Rather than repeat myself, I’ll just link to my own thread on Scifi Massive:

  6. Wilhelm2451 says:

    Yes, I admit, the stations are now REALLY detailed. But that is interesting for about 30 seconds. Most of my time is spent undocked, in space, and staring at my own now overly rendered ship.

    It could just be the ships I fly, but frankly, even the screen shots they posted before this was something of a yawn for me.

    I haven’t run a mission yet, so combat might just blow me away, but after they made mining laser graphics worse, I am a bit worried.

  7. michael, St Erroneous says:

    I want my Squad window back from wherever it’s hiding!

  8. slipstreamcc says:

    I’m considering trying EVE again, after doing so a few years back, especially after this patch. How large is the client with all the patches right now? I’m asking as I have limited space at the moment, but am willing to open it up soon. If anyone can answer it for me, I’d be much obliged.

  9. syncaine says:

    The ‘classic’ client I believe is a 650mb download, and the new ‘trinity’ graphics stuff is around 600mb if I remember correctly. Overall it’s a small file compared to WoW or EQ2.

  10. slipstreamcc says:

    Nice. I didn’t remember the game being so tiny, but it is an older game, so that makes sense. I remember being blown away how SWG was 2GB at launch back in the day. My how times have changed. Thanks, syncaine.

  11. Swift Voyager says:

    @slipstreamcc: That’s the packaged download size, not the final installed size. You better check the system requirements on the Eve web site to get the actual hard disk space needed to run the game, including space for caching.

    @everyone else: I got hit with the boot.ini problem, but it wasn’t hard to fix. Still love the new features. The new client actually runs a lot better for me, I think it’s because it uses my video card’s features in stead of my processor. As an example of the difference; when running the old client I noticed a lot of lag and drop in frame rate when entering a room with lots of bad guys, especially with eve audio turned on (in extreme situations, the client would lock up for 10 seconds while all the badguys started firing at the same time). Since installing the new client, I’ve been using eve audio, eve voice, and I have the graphics settings cranked up towards the higher end. I entered a VERY busy room last night (level 4 Worlds Collide, Serpentis room) and deliberately drew aggro from all of the baddies at one time as a test. Only a slight drop in frames per second, but the client didn’t freeze up like the old client did. Sweet. That room gets my vote for “room most likely to cost me a battleship”, I’m really happy that the client doesn’t freeze up any more.

  12. syncaine says:

    Interesting observation Swift Voyager. The game runs well for me as well, unless I turn on bloom. For some reason bloom kills my fps, dropping me to around 30ish. Without bloom I get 90+. Did you do any tweaking, or just set everything to high?

  13. Swift Voyager says:

    I hate to double-post, but I just had to post this.

    For those of you thinking about playing eve, you should know that’s it’s possible to play it “for free”. There’s an official web page on the eve-online web site that facilitates trading in-game money (ISK) for game time codes, so it’s not an EULA violation to do so in Eve (unlike some other games). I am subscribed till the end of February and haven’t paid real money to play since April of this year.

    The first few months it’s hard to make that much ISK. I was about 5 months old before I realized that I was making enough surplus ISK to fund my membership and still buy everything I needed in-game. One day of serious level 4 mission grinding per week is more than enough to pay for a subscription, and there’s never a shortage of people willing to part with real world money.

    The ethics of those transactions may be debateable but that’s another discussion entirely.

  14. Swift Voyager says:

    @ syncaine: Yeah bloom seems to bring even the most uber game machines to their knees. I have everything maxed out except bloom and shadows @ 1600×1200. I actually don’t like the way bloom adds so much glow around bright things, so I’d probably turn it off even if it didn’t slow me down.

  15. syncaine says:

    Other than bloom and shadows, what else is there to ‘max out’? I play at 1900×1200, and i think I have it maxed, but if I recall correctly (at work now) the graphics menu does not feature a whole lot of options, does it?

    And yea, the ISK for a game card thing is nice, but I look at it this way. It would take me more time in EVE to earn that ISK than it would for me to stay at work for an hour extra to pay for EVE. Rather than grind ISK for a game card, I would rather grind ISK for tech 2 stuff :)

  16. Swift Voyager says:

    The other options I was talking about are the cache size, frame interval, color depth, and texture size in-game. However I also like to adjust my video card settings through the ATI control panel. For Eve:Trinity, I can max out the card’s settings, where I am forced to dumb down my graphics a little for games like Medieval 2:Total War and Star Wars: Forces of Corruption.

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