Mining in EVE > washing dishes.

With a random day off yesterday, I spend the better part of the day mining away in EVE. Mining in EVE is one of those love/hate things in an MMO. I love getting minerals to produce things with, in order to develop a market strategy and make some serious ISK. I hate it because on its own, mining is terribly boring.

But being terribly boring has some advantages. For instance, since mining with strip miners is very slow, you can walk away for a few minutes, come back to put ore in a can, and walk away again. This is perfect for grinding real life stuff, like dishes or laundry. By comparison, mining seems really fun when you are washing dishes. You also get a surprising amount done, both in EVE and out. Win win really.

Of course I was doing this in high-sec, and the ship I had was easily able to tank the random rats that pop up in the belts. As it was a rather random sector, traffic was also very light, meaning little interference.

As a Corp buddy offered to transport all the ore back to our home base to refine it at 100%, I don’t have a minerals total, but it should be decent, more than enough to produce a good amount of missiles/ammo at least.

My combat pilot is still on the long trek to tech two frigates, only 8 days or so to go. Should be fun to take one of those out and destroy level 2 missions, just for kicks. While flying a battleship is very enjoyable, there is just something about zooming around at high speed in a deadly frigate.

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