Sifting through the junk.

Try as I might, I just can’t get into Pirates of the Burning Sea. Having taken a break since the close of beta, I logged in this weekend to find my old character wiped, and had to start from scratch. Out of all the MMO’s I’ve played, I honestly can’t remember dreading leveling up another character as much as I did with Pirates. Each quest feels like an awful grind when you do them for the 2nd or 3rd time, and the early game is so limited in terms of skills and tactics. I tried to break up the monotony by going out into the open sea and taking out random NPC boats, trying to level that way. Unfortunately in a starting ship, you can’t take out anything high above your level, and enemy ships will often chase you to engage, quickly sinking you and sending you back to town.

After some time, I just lost the desire to give the game more time, and logged out. Very disappointing for a game with as much praise as PotBS had. While I still think there is an interesting game in there someplace, its not there yet, and might not be even a year after release. Far too often the fun parts get bogged down by very weak parts, be it running around town, sword fighting, sailing the open sea, you name it. The great ship to ship combat gets sadly overshadowed by all the other attached junk.

Moving on to a game that gets ‘fun’ correct, our ‘former raiders turned casual’ instance group is having a good time with WoW again. Amazingly enough a few of our members have never played the Alliance side of the game (we raided as Horde), so stuff like The Deadmines and all the questing areas are new to them. I must say the Draenei starting zones are very well done, with interesting quests and good rewards.

Currently we have completed the deadmines, and are set to hit Blackfathom Deep this Wednesday, with a level cap of 21, just to keep it interesting. As we generally have more than 5 people online, we enter as a raid, hence the level cap being below the ‘recommended’ level. We had 7 people for our deadmines run, and that was somewhat easy even though we had a limit of level 18. With the recent changes to all the instances in patch 2.3, it’s a little harder to judged exactly what the perfect level would be to give us a challenge without setting ourselves up for failure. More to come…

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  1. LadyPao says:

    “The great ship to ship combat gets sadly overshadowed by all the other attached junk.”

    Yep. I bailed on the beta also, and uninstalled it. The word that keeps coming to mind when I think of this game is ‘wooden’, as in clunky and stumbling. (apologies for the puns)

  2. Victoria says:

    “The great ship to ship combat gets sadly overshadowed by all the other attached junk.”

    Sadly so true! I got into the open beta and after a weekend I have no real desire to log in. I can’t imagine leveling up a character through the beginning stuff when it goes live.

  3. Aaron says:

    Agreed. I really enjoyed the naval combat. Too bad that’s not all there is to the game.

  4. p@tsh@t says:

    Grats on getting the gang back together in Azeroth. Since Wilhelm2451 aka The Ancient Gaming Noob and I combined forces about a year ago (with some time off for LotRO) we’ve been having a blast plodding our way through each and every instance (at level) ((other than Ragefire Chasm– we’re Alliance) in Azeroth with our little group.

    We’ve kept the group at 5 with an optimized mix of classes and assiduously held ourselves back from leveling rampantly to keep everyone together. Its worth the effort and makes each instance fun. I hope we get to hear about your adventures.

  5. mightydar says:

    They should have stuck with there core idea.

  6. tenfoldhate says:

    That’s too bad about PoTBS. It seems like outside of the ship combat, they neglected to focus on the types of things I’d really WANT in a naval game, e.g. exploration. The last year I’ve just felt like I’ve been stuck in a waiting room as far as games go. Maybe I’m just getting too old and jaded, but as winter is hitting, I really want I game I can lose myself in during the cold months.

    It actually looks like me and a few RL friends are going to follow your, and so many other’s, lead and reinstall WoW to start a “raiding burnout gone casual” group once a week.

  7. syncaine says:

    Yea not much happening MMO wise this winter. I’m actually looking forward to playing Fire Emblem on the Wii, and maybe The Witcher. Until we get WAR or AoC, the trend could continue.

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