WoW progress update.

After leveling at a moderate pace, my shaman finally hit 58 and is now ready to cross over to Outland, where I’ll get my first glimpse of TBC content. In my previous time with WoW (beta to a few weeks before TBC), I had experienced everything including Nax, and then promptly quit right before TBC was released. That character, an Orc Warrior, is still 60 and untouched today. Something about having 4 Onyxia bags full of 60 epics, all of which now have the value of a 62 green, is just too painful to continue with. He will happily remain retired in his current state, a sort of pre-TBC monument.

My elemental shaman, along with my gf’s frost mage, have been questing and running old world instances with many of my former raiding friends, all of us agreeing to come back to WoW (a few never left) and reroll fresh on a new server, playing Alliance. It’s been great fun so far, and I’m looking forward to hitting 70 and getting into arena combat and running heroics. Since we have more than 10 members in our guild, we will likely run Karazhan and Zul’Aman. It’s doubtful that we will run any of the 25 man stuff, unless we go out and recruit more members, something that has not really been discussed. While we are all former raiders, many of us have different time requirements now, and perhaps any serious raiding is beyond our availability. That plus many of us are somewhat burned out on raiding already, having done it so extensively before. I’m not sure we are really looking to get back into that whole grind, especially with all the easy epics WoW hands out now.

We do however have plans to run 2, 3, and 5 man Arena teams, and that should be interesting at least. While my time in WoW has taught me enough about WoW PvP to know it’s not exactly rocket science (aka EVE), it will hopefully be decent enough to hold us over until Warhammer is out. Plus running premades in the BGs, while again a simple task, is relaxing and fun with good friends.

Hopefully the Outlands instances and our PvP time will prove interesting enough to warrant a blog post or two. If nothing else, it’s new content, and that never hurts.

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