Maybe it’s time to return to WoW?

Well this past weekend I decided to resub to WoW and check out everything new, rolled up a hunter and I’m loving it!

No I’m kidding, but seriously, is EVERYONE from the blog world back in WoW right now? Failbears all of you! (Like carebears, but when carebears go back to WoW they become failbears) So a month of nothing but “so I did this daily just to grind this rep/token/whatever, it was cool” reading huh? Awesome. To counter this I’m going to start reporting on all the iron nodes I hit in DarkFall (which according to my fiancé is all I do in that game), but each node around Hammerdale I’m going to give a different name, and then phrase them like this “Monday, I went out and complete the Northern Bob daily, just to work on my ‘smithing’ rep with the ‘character’ faction. I love the Northern Bob daily because while it’s both north and called bob, it gives nice rewards and I don’t have to commit hours to get something done”. God I’m bored just writing that…

In the “games I play because I’m not resubbed to WoW” department, my Skaven team in Blood Bowl might be a little too powerful for their own good right now. At a team value of 2020, games basically go one of two ways: I either score early and often to dominate someone, or half my rats are injured/KO’ed before turn 5, leading to a slaughter. The main reason behind this is I don’t believe BB is balanced around having one team play so many games, and having so many players with multiple skills. That plus playing very bashy teams like Chaos or Dwarves at that high a team value is suicide, since they all have block/tackle/might blow/claw, which results in a lot of dead rats. A similar thing happened to my 2000 team value Humans, where games started to get very lopsided. I tried to play a few games with my goblins, but they are just painfully bad and only serve as the punching bag for whoever I play. Funny a few times, but after 3-4 games… not so much. Might be time to roll a Chaos team of my own, or perhaps Orcs.

DarkFall continues to be a lot of fun as well. I always wanted to live out of a player city on EU, and now that I’m with Apollo and living out of Hammerdale, it’s lived up to expectations. It’s great to have a central point to launch all guild activities, it’s great to have enemies come and bring PvP to you, and it’s great to just have a place of focus to learn the terrain, mobs, and resource nodes. Living out of a city is like living out of a hamlet, but everything is just bigger and better. The carebear in me also likes the thought of building the city up (a long process) and getting all of the benefits for everyone in the guild.

The dungeon that I’ve talked about a few times here seems to have attracted a little more attention, as I once again entered the place to the familiar clues (mobs spawned outside) that someone is inside. I’m packing a little more heat now when I go out to PvE, wearing an enchanted full plate chest (thanks Neithal chest), plate helm, scale everything else, and swinging a Firebrand (transmuted rank 65 greatsword). This means two things: One, I can take out much tougher mobs solo and I’m better equipped to fight other players, and two, if I die and get looted it’s going to suck hard. No risk no reward, right?

So when entering the dungeon, I crept around like last time to identify who was inside, and said to myself if it’s more than one person I’m just going to sneak out and not bother. Well this time it was only one person, and even better they were from a guild Apollo is at war with, meaning I could kill them without taking an alignment hit. As this is somewhat of a noob dungeon (or at least one that does not have super high value mobs), the only people entering it for anything other than the veilron chest are likely, well, noobs. So out comes the Firebrand and I charge straight at the guy, who was at 80% and fighting a mob. He immediately jumps off the plateform he was on and starts to sprint towards a dead end (rather then the dungeon exit), so I pull out my bow and start putting a few arrows in his back as he runs. He does a nice turn behind some rocks, and for a moment I lose sight of him, with my first though being he ran towards the exit. A quick search comes up empty, so I return to the dead end he was heading towards and sure enough find him trying to hide in the shadows. Almost buddy. He has a shield and axe out at this point, and as I go to swing away he puts the shield up to parry. Had I continued to swing my stam would have been shot without dealing a lot of damage, so I simply stay close and wait, knowing his stamina is draining as he holds the shield up, and anytime it drops or he exposes his back, I swing.

We do this little parry/swing dance for a bit, and while I’m sure his stamina is draining, so is mine just from swinging into his shield on accident. His hitpoints at this time are also around 40%, which is not low enough to just brute force him down. Since we are circling each other, at times some of the dungeon mobs will get close enough to attack, and I try to move in such a way that his back is exposed to those mobs, as anytime they attack him he is forced to sprint away and relocate, at the cost of more stamina. Eventually I think he realized he was not going to win just shielding up, and while I was not sure if he had help coming, I knew his stam would be out sooner rather than later. In a last ditch effort, he sprinted and jumped up some crates and reached a high wall, out of mob range. It’s a spot I’ve used to rest before, and I knew getting up was not trivial. He pulled out a bow at this point and began firing down at me, each arrow providing a small knock back, enough to make reaching the wall very difficult. Without my great gear, those arrows would have really begun to add up, but thankfully my hitpoints remained high and each arrow shot was costing him stamina as well. In a stroke of pure win, I got off a jumping knockback attack on him, sending him flying off the wall and into the mobs wandering below. As he tried once more to sprint away, a few arrows to his back turned his sprint into a run, ie: he was out of stamina. Firebrand out, a few clean swings to his back and he was down, the ever-satisfying “help me” being called out. X key to queue up the ‘gank’ skill, Firebrand to the face, and he was a tombstone. And it was a reward tombstone at that, with a full set of bone armor, some casting regs, decent weapons, a mount, and the odd collection of mob loot. Once it was all in my bag, I was just below the weigh limited which meant it was time to recall home. A full PvE trip without a single swing on a mob, not too shabby, and a damn good time.

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  1. Werit says:

    Sounds like a long fight, considering he started out at 80%. Still it is great stuff. Have you been attacked while engaged with mobs in there yet?

    • syncaine says:

      Yea most fights are quicker, but with him parrying and me not switching to magic (because my magic sucks right now), it stretched out a bit.

      I’ve been attacked once in that dungeon, but it was basically two reds ran in while I was fighting mobs near the exit, and I ran straight to it and they did not follow me outside, so I never really got into a ‘fight’ that I did not pick. I’m sure my time will come though, always does in DarkFall.

  2. ScytheNoire says:

    What are people suppose to do, play Champions Online or Aion? Pfft, don’t think so. It’s not only been a slow year for MMO’s, it’s been a slow year for PC gaming.

  3. You know, there’s that whole League of Bloggers wanting more comments or something rather. Maybe we should start a league of bloggers who refuse to drink the Kool-Aid that is WoW anymore?

    • Tesh says:

      Can you multiguild? Seems to me like Sync is trolling a bit here for comments and page hits *by* chewing on those who drink the Kool-Aid.

      It’s a nice gig, if you can get it.

  4. Gadfly says:

    Maybe you should resub. Then you’d be speaking from something other than ignorance.

  5. Bonedead says:

    OOOOOO, ignorance, ooooo!

    OH ITS ON!

    Anyways, nice read good sir! Nobody knows what Blood Bowl is though (fyi). Northern Bob made me giggle.

    WoW is not that bad my friend! I know it is *supposed to be* but once you get passed that it’s all gravy. Just don’t plan on raiding, seriously, I can’t think of a worse way to come at this game than from that angle. It’s like, I want to climb the jagged rock cliff, swing over the waterfall, dodge the alligators, and fight the dragon, then I want one fucker to ruin it for everyone so we can do it all over again. No thanks. Just fight people, it’s perdy fun.

    Level 74.5! Huzzah! Started at 56, after 1 month sub I was 72, first week of 2nd month and I’m almost 75. At 76 I get to use a new itemzor I gawt. 78 is Frostsavage set, fuck yeah!

  6. Bhagpuss says:

    I can’t really see the point of the digs at people going back to WoW. It’s the quality of the writing in the blog that matters, not the subject, in my opinion. If someone wrote entertainingly before he or she went back to WoW, they’ll write just as entertainingly while they are there.

    There’s as much chance I’ll spontaneously grow a second head as that I’ll play Darkfall or Blood Bowl, but I read about them here with pleasure because the writing’s so vivid. I read several blogs about games I don’t play and will never play, because they are nicely put together and a pleasure to read. I don’t much care if the blogger swaps games, so long as the quality of the blog is maintained.

  7. willee says:

    Well, at least Syncaine doesn’t delete dissenting responses…at least that i’m aware.

    Keen took a good swipe at Darkfall in his latest blog and how it “sapped his hope of any smaller dev house ever releasing a solid game” or something to that affect. I responded that i thought that was nonsense and listed a lot of the positive aspects of Darkfall and how by all accounts the devs are making good progress with the patches and game updates etc…basically that i was very impressed with what AV was pulling off.

    Of course Keen deletes the response instead of rebutting it. Weak sauce…I’ve lost all respect for King Flip Flop.

  8. Nice story. Sounded like a lot of fun! I’ll be knocking on your dungeon’s door pretty soon. =)

  9. Saylah says:

    Failbears – hehe, while funny as hell, it’s not like people haven’t tried new MMOs. No one goes back to a game they left unless where they went wasn’t all that great. I don’t think we can fault players for this problem. I got on board without rose colored glasses for AOC and WAR. Is it my fault they didn’t deliver on the boat load of promises? Uh, don’t think so. Of course I could “suck it up” right? Ha, not when I’m paying for it so I left those games and even I, who at times HATE BLIZZARD for the monster they created that is WOW, went back for a diversion because their level 1 to level 80 is pretty damn hard to beat. *Shrug* No professions. No farming. No rep grind. My toons are poor as dirt but they make it from one level to the next. I pre-ordered AION and if that is failsauce I’m F’n done with MMOs for a very LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG TIME. I’m not even looking forward to AION. I come and go and enjoy Runes but damn they need to release that xpac already. There is nothing on my MMO horizon if AION nose dives. Very depressing.

  10. I think it’s just a testament to the strength of WoW. Bloggers tend to have a real love-hate relationship with the game but ultimately we’re just jealous that it’s “better” and more “succesful” than our favourite game X. I’m slowly getting over that and just enjoying WoW for what it is.

    • syncaine says:

      Successful, of course. Better, only if we define better as ‘able to attract the largest crowd’, and that’s not how I define better.

      But the first part of the post is not to tell people what to play (obviously I hope), but rather a far more selfish “I don’t want to read about your daily or your bad PUG group or how you hope to get into raiding and does anyone have a good guide”. It’s just so much recycled stuff, and makes normally worthwhile blogs post less entertaining stuff.

  11. I’m one of the masses that’s gone back. My reasoning is that it’s my last chance to check out the old world content before Aion launches and Cataclysm drops. I agree that many WoW related posts can be kind of bland but you find the same thing amongst blogs related to other games too. I usually prefer posts that are a little bit more in depth than play-time rundowns though, especially when it follows the “did this daily, then that one, and joined a shitty PuG for the last one” formula.

  12. Saylah says:

    @Williee – Did it maybe get caught in his spam filter? My own comments on my own blog have sometimes hit the spam folder without me realizing it for a few days.

  13. Graktar says:

    “Without my great gear, those arrows would have really begun to add up”

    Gear trumps skill? Sorry, couldn’t resist . . .

  14. Osi says:

    Dude, we get it. You don’t like WoW. I don’t like mushrooms, but I don’t complain about them on the internet every three days; I just pick them off my pizza.

  15. coppertopper says:

    Yeah their has never been a pure skill based MMO, as you point out is the case still with Darkfall. Gear still makes up for plenty of noob mistakes.

    • syncaine says:

      Pure skill based games are called FPS, or TBS :) Of course gear has to matter, otherwise how can you ever ‘risk’ anything if all gear was equal?

      But gear mattering and gear deciding the winner are two very different things, and DF is the former. Sure my armor helped to soften the arrows, but even with lesser stuff I would have gotten the guy, just would have been closer.

  16. DBlade says:

    I actually don’t like Wow-i did the free trial, fooled around as a hunter, and was bored to tears. Maybe being an FFXI vet has spoiled me, but the hunter class seemed a lot less meaningful than FFXI’s beastmaster class, maybe because with BST you are at risk of death and delevel every time you charm a mob.

    Darkfall-meh. I think syncaine your experience with it really only happens because Darkfall is unpopular. You’d be surprised at how many people PvP in a fluffy F2P game like Mabinogi, and how vicious it gets.

  17. mbp says:

    These “Darkfall tourists” are spoiling World of Warcraft ;)

  18. Kovacs says:

    “Successful, of course. Better, only if we define better as ‘able to attract the largest crowd’, and that’s not how I define better.”

    Do you even understand the concept of personal opinion?

    Eurogamer posted a bullshit review and expects the readers to believe Darkfall is shit. For months you take shots about it and act as though they trashed a game YOU worked on… you post opinion based trolls about Warcraft and anyone playing/reading/writing about Warcraft is ‘fail’?

    Do you see the irony?


    “I don’t want to read about your daily or your bad PUG group or how you hope to get into raiding and does anyone have a good guide”

    ..ever think that your readers are more interested in hearing about Darkfall or whatever games you ARE playing rather than hearing you take shots at Warcraft every couple of days?

    Because personally, I quit Warcraft some time ago and removed all blogs talking about it from my reader. When I stopped playing, I stopped being interested in hearing about it in negative or positive forms.

    I come here because I was playing Warhammer and was thinking of trying Darkfall out at some point.. not to see WoW brought up every other day.

    Enough sites posted about Cataclysm and I rolled my eyes and loaded this page up only to see you devoted an entire post to talking about it???? MOVE ON ALREADY!

    We get it, you don’t like WOW, you don’t play WOW, and you have little respect for anyone who still does like WoW. We get it already dude. Move on please.

  19. Sara Pickell says:

    I like my Chaos team… sure all they do is punch people really hard… but they punch them really hard!

    • syncaine says:

      Yea I think Chaos is the team that scales best the longer you play. With high AV and access to mutations, you can make some very nasty players after 3-4 upgrades, which is a level most rats don’t survive to reach, or they reach it crippled.

  20. SmakenDahed says:

    I’m still waiting for some pictures…. of Darkfall.

    • syncaine says:

      Don’t really do SS man, and DF is a bitch to take more than one in. Plenty of people have made some decent DF videos though, look up RipperX on youtube.

  21. Tobold says:

    Isn’t this the pot calling the kettle black? What exactly is the difference, in your opinion, between somebody blogging “what I did in WoW today”, and the last two mega-paragraphs of this post?

    Except that it’s about different games, I would say all posts describing what somebody did in a game are equally (un-)interesting.

    • syncaine says:

      Because everyone and their mother has done countless dailies, bad PUG groups with ninja looters, killed Onyxia this way, etc. How many blogs can you find about PvP in DarkFall, and match up the above paragraph with their PvP encounter?

      And of course, since this is my blog, obviously when I write “I don’t want to read about your daily”, I’m talking about myself. I don’t. Clearly TONS of people out there jump all over the chance to debate warlock vs paladin 1-60 in 2009, so to each his own.

      • Xyloxan says:

        Of course, there are many more blog musings about WoW than musings about DF. There are two order of magnitude more WoW players than DF players. I would guess the ratio of bloggers is similar. And, WoW players prefer to read about WoW stuff than about DF stuff.

      • Tobold says:

        I’d say that two Darkfall bloggers are equally likely to write about similar experiences in Darkfall than two WoW bloggers are likely to write about similar experiences in WoW. But of course you are right, you’re probably the only Darkfall blogger, so you’re tales are unique and original.

      • syncaine says:

        It’s not fair because you would never have seen it (unless you are extra special sick), but every battle report on the DF Forums is night and day when given from two sides. Everyone only sees what is in front of them, and because it’s an open PvP game without classes or pre-set battlefields, what happens once is not likely to repeat itself again. Just like EVE battle reports, it’s highly unlikely two major (or even minor) confrontations in DF are ever going to sound alike.

        In direct contrast, anyone who has killed a raid boss in WoW has more or less done it in one way (hence youtube videos), and certainly anyone doing a daily is just following the steps. If there is a high-value items, it’s been ninja looted in a PUG. That’s why I give TAGN so much credit as a writer, because he makes dungeon runs with his group still sound very interesting, a feat not many have pulled off.

        Stories about your trip to Disney land don’t require a step by step review, because once you say “Space Mountain”, I know exactly what happened in the next 15 minutes. If you say Onyxia, I know exactly what happened in the next 30 minutes.

  22. Ganabul says:

    Should try LRB 4 if you think Cyanide’s bloodbowl is tough on squishy teams :)

    Seriously, though, it IS a noticeable problem with the BB mechanics, and they haven’t really found an answer for these long-running open leagues. If you like the squishier play styles, unfortunately, you’ll probably have to live with it – and, really, take my word for it, it used to be worse. Have a look at the Dark Elves when they finally release them (I’m kind of holding off on the Cyanide game waiting for them); universal AG 4 + AV 8 means they don’t take quite the beating Skaven do, and are better at dodging out than humans.

    Chaos do offer a rounded team if you build them right, but half the fun with Chaos is getting them there, I guess, cos they’re not great at low levels. Orcs start out as beasts, and don’t really fade until really high TV. Boring as hell to play, tho :)

  23. Marchosias says:

    eegads NO – I refuse to go back! I went back once and that was when the first expansion came out (Burning Crusade?) and then only long enough to realize it was the same boring game that I’d left a couple of years before that.

    I’d go back to DAoC before I went back to WoW, and that ain’t gonna happen either. Hell, I’d go back to Anarchy Online before WoW! At least those old games have SOME depth to them.

    For now, I’m just biding my time in EVE for the most part. Takin a peek in on WAR once in awhile, goofing around with the Champions Online costume designer and waiting for something better to come along. If WAR get’s tier 4 tweeked to be fun, I’ll probably go back to a fulltime WAR player.

    I don’t see anything on the horizon terribly compelling, maybe once D3 or StarCraft get closer I’ll start getting my nervous tic again, but until then… meh. But what I’d truly like to see is in the MMO world are AO2, AC3, or MechWarrior – then I’d really get excited…

  24. Bonedead says:

    My games better than your game!

    Nuh uh!

    Uh huh!

    Toopid head!

    Nuh uh!

  25. Frank says:

    I can’t fault people going back to WoW – it’s familiar and easy, and the elements that they’ve introduced make it simpler to get back into the game. It’s fine that Blizzard is able to keep their product a standby for people to come back to when weary of dealing with other games.

    That being said, I’m not one of those people – mostly because I know that WoW is a huge timesink to me, a struggle to remain “epic” in a crowd of thousands on your server and millions around the world, and not something I personally have time for, anymore.

    WoW’s McDonalds-like appeal is not surprising at all. But it isn’t the kind of meal I want these days.

  26. Raquel says:

    I am one of the many people who resubbed WoW. Not for the ‘let me grind that because it’s so much fun’. I’ve decided to level a Horde to level 60 since old Azeroth will be gone and I’ve only seen the Alliance side.

    I lack the patience to grind, and to go through the same zones for the millionth time.

    On the plus side, if I ever do get it to the level cap (I’m only aiming for 60 and playing very little or nothing each day), I’ll have a PvP character in a Battlegroup in which the Horde usually wins, which will make a change from my Alliance BG populated mostly by people who don’t know how to play and don’t really show an interest in winning.

    • Xyloxan says:

      While playing WoW my observation was that people preferring PvE also preferred to roll Alliance and people interested in PvP preferred Horde characters. I wonder if my observation were indeed a reflection of actual WoW stats.

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