Giving some credit to Massively, and dumping on SL.

Due to a combination of WordPress thinking I’m a spam bot and Darren not checking his spam filter, my comment on his post yesterday never showed up. No worries though, the world is not missing much, as it was basically just a short /signed remark.

That short little post got quite a few comments however, and somewhat surprisingly a few from the staff over at I say somewhat surprisingly because usually any ‘big name’ site won’t comment on another site, or will simply post some lawyer-talk say-nothing blabity-bla. Now how big Massively is I don’t know, but I’m guessing that they get a fair amount of traffic, and their business model relies on it, so it is nice to see them try to explain themselves over at Darren’s blog. I agree with him that Second Life gets way too much coverage, especially considering it’s a borderline MMO at best. One has to wonder where SL would be had it not become the play toy of CNN and other uninformed mass media sites, but that’s another topic.

As a frequent Massively reader, I do hope they tone down the SL coverage, or just create a ‘quasi-mmo’ section and dump it along with the other ‘look we are a game and are online, we are an MMO’ titles in and let the rest of us focus on actually MMO news. Oh and hire Tipa.

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8 Responses to Giving some credit to Massively, and dumping on SL.

  1. tipa says:

    lol… thanks :)

    Massively does do an important service, in that they take topics from blogs, summarize them, and make them available for other blogs. Otherwise you have to have a bunch of feeds, or hope that Tobold talks about it.

  2. syncaine says:

    Are you taking a shot at Massively, or being serious? I know some people don’t like mmowtf being a copy/paste place for blogs, but I actually don’t mind my blog being posted there. Not sure if you are saying the same thing about Massively.

    And yes, drawing the eye of the blog overlord Tobold does indeed create a nice traffic bump.

  3. tipa says:

    I’m being serious. It’s hard to tell what the hot discussions topics are, since they come out of everywhere, catch people’s interest for a little while and then disappear — if you have something you want to add, you either have to watch everything or wait for an aggregator to get it. Massively does that, and they usually add some views of their own so it’s not just cut and paste.

    I’m a big fan of Massively, though I skip over their SL coverage. And I love it when they comment on one of my blog posts.

  4. Bonedead says:

    If I remember correctly Massively was formed by bloggers, I know that Krones at Plaguelands writes occasionally on Massively and was asked to by other bloggers that were already a part of it.

    As for Darren’s post, it’s about time somebody said it heh, I always thought the same thing but figured there must be like 5 losers who enjoy reading that shit. lololzorbbq

  5. krones says:

    Bonedead is right, but only a few MMOG bloggers. That’s not entirely true, the majority of the team had been writing for WoW Insider for some time. I would love to see more familiar bloggers on the team. As for my thoughts on SL. *puts on a furry outfit, craps himself, and reads daily stats with joy* I kid. I kid. Only a little.

    You’re absolutely correct, it is a business. SL content does help bring in the bacon, but sometimes I wonder how many readers we have lost over the SL coverage. How significant is that number, and if we toned down the SL coverage would the SLer’s stop reading? I’m not a lead, but the plan is to step up our non-Sl coverage. We’ll see how that works out. New writers will help diversity and beat the SL content into a bloody pulp.

    Shut your mouth, Bonedead! I haven’t posted on my own blog in forever. <3 I should start up again, you want to read about my boring WoW adventures? The posts will be so plain and boring, you’ll wish I stopped blogging altogether.

  6. syncaine says:

    I think once WAR and AoC get into open beta, or at least drop their NDA, Massively will have a lot more to cover in terms of ‘new’ stuff.

    I also wonder how hard would it be to implement some kind of account tag filter. So I create my account, flag what tags I do or do not want displayed, and whenever I return to the page only posts with those requirements are shown to me. Almost like the RSS feed thing, but for the actual page.

  7. darrenl says:

    Thanks for the mention. I hope they address it.

    …and I still have no clue why it’s still filtering you out

  8. Mike Schramm says:

    /wave! I didn’t comment on Darren’s post, but I read every comment there and I read this blog as well — have done so ever since it started. I’m glad you guys are reading and critiquing us; I respect your opinions as bloggers and fellow MMO players.

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